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Why Bridesmaids Wear The Same Dresses


Ever wondered why bridesmaids look alike from top to bottom? We share the superstition behind the trend with you. Read More »

Beautiful pink dress wedding lehenga by ENSO bangalore

Real Weddings: College Sweethearts’ Inspirational Wedding By Pixelena Studio

College sweethearts Prashant and Namrata had been together for over 11 years before they tied the knot in December 2016. According to bride, Namrata, “We just knew we had to get married. There was no formal proposal”. Having a background in … Read More »

newlywed couple etiquette rules to follow

4 Newlywed Roommate Etiquette Rules To Follow

They say a husband and wife are roommates for life. Couple counselors often get newlyweds in the first few months of their marriage having fights over small things which soon escalate into major rows. Majority of these issues arise due … Read More »

wedding friendly cities in india

Top 5 Wedding Friendly Cities in India

If you are planning a dream destination wedding then check these top 5 wedding friendly cities in India where you can easily plan your big day. Read More »

bridal checklist

6 Things Brides Forget To Do Before The Wedding Week

What are the most common 6 things that brides often forget to do before they say their vows? We’ve put together 6 points that should be on your bridal checklist. Read More »

never buy bridal list

Top 5 Items On Our ‘Never Buy Online’ Bridal List

We bet you’ve never come across a ‘Never Buy’ list but that’s just what we have for you. Take a look at the top 5 products to be brides should never buy online Read More »

sweat free

5 Ways To Stay Sweat Free On Your Big Day

We agree that the temperatures are soaring all over the country but staying cool on your wedding day is ultra easy with our 5 tips. Read More »

ask your wedding photographer

Ask Your Photographer: What’s The Biggest Mistake Brides Make When Selecting Their Photographer?

Starting this month, we will be doing a series of ‘Ask Your Photographer’ video interviews with top wedding photographer Sadanand of Dreamshot Photography. Sada has built a truly distinct style of photography-one that stands out amidst current conventions. Each of … Read More »

Chandni & Avi’s Tamil-Punjabi Wedding By Camera Crew Photography

Incorporating two cultures in a wedding is no easy task. But Chandni and Avi rose to the challenge as it gave them a chance to create something uniquely them. According to lovely bride Chandni, the double wedding ceremony followed by … Read More »

wedding saris

10 Wedding Saris for the Mum of the Bride or Groom

This Mother’s Day consider these 10 brilliant wedding saris ideas for the mother of the bride or groom inspired from the Bollywood supermoms. Read More »

5 makeup products every Indian bride must own

5 Wonder Makeup Products Every Bride Should Own

The makeup products we are going to talk about here have received their cult status for their guaranteed result. Let’s discover the 5 wonder makeup products every bride should own. Read More »

silk inspire 2017

A Chat With Sephi Bergerson About Silk Inspire 2017!

weddingsonline is proud to partner with Silk Photos who are thrilled to launch the year’s most awaited wedding photography event of the year. Silk Inspire 2017 will be held from October 6th to 10th in Goa and will see amazing photographers, … Read More »

beauty hacks

12 Easy Beauty Hacks For Brides

Just to make your beauty regime easier as a bride, we’ve compiled a list of our favourite beauty hacks. They’re all easy to put into practice! Read More »

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