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A Royal Wedding At The Anantara Kalutara Resort Sri Lanka By Studio Snapster

We have received an incredibly beautiful, royal wedding held recently at the Anantara Kalutara Resort in Sri Lanka. Check out the inspirational details captured skillfully by  Mukesh Vyas from Studio Snapster.

marathi real wedding sarang atre photography

And They Finally Tied The Knot! Aish & Prashant’s Maharashtrian Celebration!

Aishwarya and Prashant met at her cousin’s wedding and fell in love soon after. But all was not smooth sailing; there were many obstacles and ups and downs experienced by the couple. Their wedding date had to be postponed nearly 4 … Read More »

skincare acids

5 Skincare Acidic Peels That You Should Know About

Skincare acidic peels have started trending among brides to be as the answer to all skin woes. How beneficial are they? We explore 5 well-known options. Read More »

shakti and neha

Celeb Weddings: Shakti Arora and Neha Saxena are Hitched!

We think that secret marriages are in the air- we love that famous couples are going out of the way to get hitched without letting the world in on their decision and then being just as generous by sharing the … Read More »

Real Weddings: Bhumika & Tanmay’s Delhi Lucknow Wedding

Today’s real wedding has caught our heart strings. Couple Tanmay and Bhumika had dual ceremonies in two different cities where they merged their love for gorgeous decor, flowers and vibrant colours perfectly throughout. Check out their timeless wedding photos caught on … Read More »

Destination Wedding Venue Spotlight | Q&A with Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa

Destination Wedding Venue Spotlight – Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort and Spa

Casting the venue spotlight on award winning destination wedding resort Shangri-La’s Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa’s Read More »

interview with dietician sheela seherawat

Supplier Spotlight An Interview With Dietician Dr. Sheela Seherawat

Expert dietician and nutritionist Dr. Sheela Seherawat of Diet Clinic provides our brides with a healthy dose of motivation for getting and staying in shape in this week’s supplier spotlight feature!

wearing a saree

7 Problems Every Girl Wearing A Saree Faces

The saree can be a rather difficult to drape right and we’ve highlighted 7 top issues you may have faced or are likely to face when wearing one yourself! Read More »

wedding entertainment trends for 2018-19 weddings

7 Entertainment Trends For 2018-19 Weddings

What are the hottest 2018 wedding entertainment acts that you can think about to keep your guests entertained? We round up 7 winners! Read More »

bridal jewellery

7 Bridal Jewellery Styles You Need To Know About

Bridal jewellery styles evolve over time and if you’re about to pick up some bridal jewellery for yourself, then here are the top 7 styles that are trending right now. Read More »

ayurvedic bridal treatments

5 Ayurvedic Bridal Treatments That Are Popular

Ever wondered what are the preferred ayurvedic bridal treatments for brides to be? We give you a review of the best 5 treatments around. Read More »

summer skin woes

6 Summer Skin Woes That Can Be Busted Now

How do you get rid of summer skin woes? We have the solutions you’ve been searching for, right here! Read More »

hottest 2018 fitness trends

8 Hottest 2018 Fitness Trends

So, you’re bored with your regular gym sessions and yet you really want to knock off those few pounds that just won’t budge. You’ve tried dieting and intermittent fasting but you feel like you need a much bigger challenge to … Read More »

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