Charming Wedding Rituals of Kashmir

The valleys of Kashmir are literally and poetically considered heaven on earth. They captivate and mesmerise us not just for its picturesque locales but for the warmth of the people who live there. Steeped in fascinating customs and culture, the time-honoured traditions of Kashmir are equally interesting.

The wedding rituals followed by the people of Kashmir while having certain subtle similarities to traditions followed in other parts of India, are so distinctive and interesting. Though most Kashmiris are Muslims; there is a community of Hindus as well, known as Kashmiri Pandits.

Here’s a look at some of heart-warming wedding rituals followed by the people of Kashmir.

Kashmiri Muslim Weddings – a Celebration of Culture and Tradition

Once the Manzimyor, a professional matchmaker, hired by the elders, find a suitable alliance for the prospective bride or the groom through a process called Parche Traavun, it marks the beginning of the traditional Kashmiri Muslim wedding experience.

The official consent for marriage known as Thap Traavin is followed by a very extravagant engagement ceremony known as Nishayn usually hosted by the bride’s family. There’s a very lavish feast followed by exchange of gifts. This is when the couple get a formal consent for their nuptials. What follows then is the Saatnaam, an official get-together to announce the wedding date to close relatives celebrated with traditional music and dance.

On the day of the marriage, the Kashmiri bride dons a traditional Kashmiri dress known as the Pheran, which is typically hand-embroidered with silver or golden threads. The Nikah Khwaani is a very simple and modest ritual during which the Qazi recites Quranic verses and prays for a long, happy married life for the couple. After the Nikaah ceremony, the baraat gather for a traditional feast known as the Kashmiri Wazwan and bless the couple. Once the lavish dinner festivities come to a close, the bride bids farewell (Ruksati) to her family. The next day, a Walima or reception is held by the groom’s family, where family, friends, and the community are invited to bless the newlywed couple.

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The Fascinating Rituals of a Kashmiri Pandit Wedding

Kasamdry, a formal engagement ceremony during which a puja is offered by the bride and groom’s family marks the beginning a Kashmiri Pandit wedding. Once both families consent to a suitable date, the priest fixes the wedding date.

A Wanvun or sangeet session is held every evening following up to the wedding day, where both families participate enthusiastically. During the Wanvun, a special tea called noon or Sheer Chai is served.

The unique Devgon (Havan) ceremony sees the Kashmiri bride and groom transition from Brahmacharya Ashram to the Garhasthya Ashram as they offer prayers to Goddess Parvati and Lord Shiva. The bride wears the traditional dejhor roped in a red thread through the inner ear piercing along with gold that is sanctified in the Devgon Pooja. The Dejhor is a golden locket gifted by the bride’s parents to her at the time of her marriage, which is later worn in a golden chain (athth) gifted by her in-laws.

The Lagan or wedding day has amongst all the traditional customs, a fun custom in which the heads of the bride and groom are covered by a veil. They gaze at each other for the first time through a large mirror inserted under the veil. After these rituals, the bride and groom sit under a red chadar where mantras are directed towards the bride, then the groom and finally, towards the couple as one. The Kashmiri tradition believes that the bride represents Goddess Parvati and the groom, Lord Shiva. So during this ceremony, they worship the couple and this ritual is call Posh Puza or deifying with flowers.

During Vidaai, the bride officially bids goodbye to her family. During this ritual, the couple stand on a wooden pedestal known as Vyoog. The eldest female member of the family kisses them thrice on the forehead.


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