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Charming Wedding Rituals of Kashmir

The valleys of Kashmir are literally and poetically considered heaven on earth. They captivate and mesmerise us not just for its picturesque locales but for the warmth of the people who live there. Steeped in fascinating customs and culture, the time-honoured traditions of Kashmir are equally interesting. The wedding rituals followed by the people of Kashmir while having certain subtle similarities to traditions followed in other parts of India, are so distinctive and interesting. Though most Kashmiris are Muslims; there is a community of Hindus as well, known as Kashmiri Pandits. Here’s a look at some of heart-warming wedding rituals ... Read more

Sarah & Sandeep Launches SF2020 Collection ‘NeotericMan’ For the Ever-so-evolved Indian groom

Sarah & Sandeep SF2020 Indian Groom's Collection is full of festive styling for the modern Indian groom

Say Hello To Offbeat Grooms!

There's a new kind of groom in town- the offbeat groom. One who isnt afraid to respect tradition while embracing modern thoughts. Check him out here!

Grooms Be Aware of These Sins Which Are Killing Your Skin

Here are the 10 skin sins most men are guilty of doing at some point in life. Did you know some of these skincare mistakes can even cause you skin cancer? So, men, be aware of what you do with your skin.

2017 Men’s Wedding Wear Trends You Should Know About

Trends come and go and this year we’ve seen our fair share of groom wear doing the rounds both on the ramps and in many designer outlets. So what does 2017 hold for today’s modern groom? Is subtle pastel going to be in or are grooms ready to flaunt both style and colour effortlessly without feeling out of place? Believe it or not, but Indian designers are of the opinion that Indian men are ready to stop playing safe and to experiment. So, what are the upcoming 2017 men’s wedding wear trends, you ask? Here goes: Colour is in Image ... Read more

The Dawn Of Men’s Jackets As A Style Statement

Men's Jackets are making a slow but sure comeback all over the country and especially on the ramps. Here's how you can wear one and shine!