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5 Top Wedding Vendors

Usually celebrated as one of the most important days in a person’s life, weddings are an amalgamation of traditions, rituals, religion and culture and not to miss, loads of fun and festivities. Couples today are very specific about how they want their special day to pan out, not just in the moment, but for posterity as well. Every aspect of a wedding is carefully considered from the organising of festivities, to bridal make-up, venue, photographers, by the bride, groom and their respective families. At weddingsonline.in, our main focus is to ensure that you have all the information that will help ... Read more

Charming Wedding Rituals of Kashmir

The valleys of Kashmir are literally and poetically considered heaven on earth. They captivate and mesmerise us not just for its picturesque locales but for the warmth of the people who live there. Steeped in fascinating customs and culture, the time-honoured traditions of Kashmir are equally interesting. The wedding rituals followed by the people of Kashmir while having certain subtle similarities to traditions followed in other parts of India, are so distinctive and interesting. Though most Kashmiris are Muslims; there is a community of Hindus as well, known as Kashmiri Pandits. Here’s a look at some of heart-warming wedding rituals ... Read more

10 Tips To Look Photogenic in All Your Wedding Photographs

The last thing you want is unflattering or awkward photos...Here are a few tips for getting those pre-wed and wedding pics right. Ace wedding photographer Shashank M. of Moments That Matter Photography gives insightful inputs on these...

9 Wedding Photography Trends Of 2017 That Everyone’s Talking About

What are the 2017 wedding photography trends you should ask your photographer about this year? We tell you all that you need to know about getting the best ever clicks.

Real Weddings: Breathtakingly Beautiful Bengali Wedding By Sadanand Photography

We have a beautiful Bengali wedding for our loyal readers this morning! Aniruddha and Amrita’s ceremony is full of fabulous fun and flair while also being packed with rituals. Their Sangeet ceremony shows the zeal and enthusiasm from all involved and is a true celebration of the couple’s whirlwind romance. All images have been captured (gorgeously) by the creative team at Sadanand Photography. weddingsonline India spoke to bride Amrita…. We met: Aniruddha and I were introduced by our parents and we spoke to each other for 6 months before we met and decided to get married. Our’s is an arranged alliance. However, we became friends before ... Read more

10 Wedding Photos You’d Want to Pin Right Now!

Here are 10 wedding photos which are just brilliant, to put things mildly. Check out our roundup of 10 photos which you'd want to pin right now!

Bridal Shots Ideas For Wedding Album

Don't let your wedding album be filled with static posed bridal shots, add some fun and try out these contemporary candid shots perfect for every bridal shoot.