Christian Weddings In India

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Christians, though a minority in India, form an important part of the Indian population. Christian weddings are fun-filled affairs and the ceremony itself is very short, yet sober and elegant. Most modern Christian families include several pre and post wedding rituals in the celebrations. Typically, these consist of a bridal shower, the hen-stag or bachelor/bachelorette party followed by the main ceremony that starts with the welcoming of the bride at the Church.

A Christian bride typically wears a white wedding gown and covers her faces with a veil. The groom usually wears a traditional western suit or a tuxedo. The bridal jewelery is also very simple and elegant.

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The wedding ritual itself is quite brief; it consists of the bride’s arrival at the church. She is escorted by her father to the altar, often accompanied by flower girls who hold baskets of flowers or her wedding gown trail. The priest then leads the couple-to-be through the Christian marriage vows and explains the sanctity of marriage to them. The priest also blesses the wedding rings which are exchanged by the couple. The ceremony ends with the priest proclaiming the couple as husband and wife. Most couples immediately sign the wedding register and walk down the aisle arm-in-arm.

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Today, all Christian weddings are accompanied by a grand Reception ceremony. Elaborate wedding cakes are the main attraction of this occasion and the newlyweds cut and share a slice with each other and the guests. There is a great deal of fun and dancing during this occasion, followed by an elaborate dinner. A live band with a DJ keeps everyone well entertained.

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