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Month: May 2016

feet hacks

13 Feet Hacks To Help You Survive Your Big Day (For Brides And Grooms)

Worried about new shoe bites or smelly feet? Here are 20 awesome feet hacks which will help you survive your big day without much trouble.

ways to avoid wedding splurges

4 Expensive Wedding Splurges You Should Think Twice About

Expensive wedding splurges can be avoided if you think seriously about how to work around them. We share some tips with you.

wedding budget

Exceeding Your Wedding Budget? 8 Things You Can Do!

Find yourself overspending and overshooting the wedding budget? Here are 8 things you can do to counter it!

exotic destination wedding

4 Exotic Destination Wedding Places You Should Consider

When you've always dreamt of nothing less than the perfect fairy tale wedding, you deserve just that. We tell you about 4 exotic destination wedding places you should...

how to get the wedding you really want

7 Essential Tips To Get The Wedding You Really Want

Get the wedding you really want with these 7 important tips!


Common Mistakes That Lead to Breakups

While ego and infidelity often get labelled as the main culprits for breakups, here are some of the primary reasons which usually go unnoticed. Take a look.

exotic locale

4 Exotic Locales For A Dream Wedding

Want to get married at a truly exotic locale but cant decide on the perfect spot? We give you all the tips you need to know.