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From the Saptapadi, the Kanyadaan the Saat Pheres, the Mangalsutra to the Solah Shringar, Indian weddings are rich in traditions. Enjoy the photos below – do you recognize...

Bangles: Shining Through the Ages

An Indian bride, on her wedding day, wears various ornaments from her head to her toes. Important among these are bangles. Also addressed as Choodis, Bangdya, Kangans (and...

Indian Bride’s Hands: Some Candid Photographs

Let men tremble to win the hand of woman, unless they win along with it the utmost passion of her heart~ NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE in ‘the Scarlet Letter’ This post is...

2012 Amby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week

The 2012 Amby Valley India Bridal Fashion Week saw some beautiful contemporary bridal creations that were showcased by top Bollywood beauties and models.

Trends In Indian Wedding Gold Jewelry

‘Rich and rare were the gems she wore And a bright gold ring on her hand she bore…’ – (Thomas Moore) In any Indian wedding ceremony, the bride’s...

Romantic Monsoon Weddings

  The steady drumming of the rain showers, lush greenery everywhere, trees swaying in the wild breeze– these conjure romantic images in the mind.

Contemporary Wedding Photography by DKreate Photography

India Weddings recently had the opportunity to interview a talented team of husband and wife photographers Dhaval and Medhavi Kotecha .