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Tips and inspiration on wedding jewellery

Tips to Select Wedding Jewellery Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Check out the best bridal jewellery to wear as per your Zodiac sign...

bridal jewellery

7 Bridal Jewellery Styles You Need To Know About

Bridal jewellery styles evolve over time and if you're about to pick up some bridal jewellery for yourself, then here are the top 7 styles that are trending...

modern bridal jewellery for Indian brides

Hot And Trending- Modern Bridal Jewellery

Looking for suggestions on modern bridal jewellery? You've come to the right place! Read on for more.

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9 Tips For Buying Bridal Jewellery

How does one pick up the right bridal jewellery which complements a bride's outfit? We give you 9 practical tips that are easy to rememeber and which will...

10 short length Mangalsutra designs we love

Top 10 Short Length Mangalsutras You’d Actually Want To Wear Everyday!

We have shortlisted 10 beautiful short length mangalsutra designs for the modern bride.

All That You Need To Know About Ring Resizing

Ring resizing can be really tricky and that's why we share some advice with you on what really happens when you give your ring to the jeweller...

evara platinum bridal jewellery

8 Designs From The New Evara Platinum Bridal Jewellery Collection We Are Totally Loving Right Now!

Evara platinum bridal jewellery is exactly the kind of jewellery you should wear on your wedding day. Read more about the new collection crafted exclusively for young brides....