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bridal attire

Top 8 Mistakes Made In Bridal Attire Shopping

What should you watch out for while going bridal attire shopping? We've got 8 tips that we bet nobody has warned you about before.

bridesmaids in robes and pyjamas

A Fab Pyjama Photoshoot At The Grand Hyatt Mumbai by Israni Photography & Signature Films

Prerna and her friends stayed in pyjamas the whole time, talk about relaxed! You are going to love this pre-wedding pyjama shoot sent in by Israni Photography...

what does every bride want to hear

The Top 4 Things Every Bride To Be Needs To Hear

If there is a bride to be in your home who is just a few weeks away from getting married, here's how you can help her stay sane...


Why Bridesmaids Wear The Same Dresses

Ever wondered why bridesmaids look alike from top to bottom? We share the superstition behind the trend with you.

Beautiful pink dress wedding lehenga by ENSO bangalore

Real Weddings: College Sweethearts’ Inspirational Wedding By Pixelena Studio

College sweethearts Prashant and Namrata had been together for over 11 years before they tied the knot in December 2016. According to bride, Namrata, “We just knew we had...

newlywed couple etiquette rules to follow

4 Newlywed Roommate Etiquette Rules To Follow

They say a husband and wife are roommates for life. Couple counselors often get newlyweds in the first few months of their marriage having fights over small things...

wedding friendly cities in india

Top 5 Wedding Friendly Cities in India

If you are planning a dream destination wedding then check these top 5 wedding friendly cities in India where you can easily plan your big day.