Month: November 2014

Meeting Prospective Grooms

‘Chai pe Bulaya Hai’ – 6 Points to Talk about when Meeting Prospective Groom

Arranged marriages are the norm in India. These days, girls and boys prefer to meet outside on their own before they get engaged. So what should you talk...


Wedding Therapists And You- Part 2

A wedding therapist is a friend who is meant to guide you and your partner as you take your first steps together on a long journey. Read on...

best Indian wedding photographers

8 Secrets to Hiring the Best Indian Wedding Photographer

Some of the most important characteristics to look for in your wedding day photographer...


Wedding Therapists and You- Part 1

Leave all the stress associated with your big day behind and talk to a wedding therapist today. We tell you more.

Husband and in-law's

6 Tips to Managing Husband and In-Law’s Expectations

Husbands and in-laws expect very different things from much so that the balancing act between the two often gets difficult. We have some suggestions to help you...

bridal shopping in kolkata

Top 8 Places for Bridal Shopping in Kolkata

We take a look at 8 of Kolkatta's best bridal shopping districts....Brides-to-be in Kolkatta, you simply must visit these places for your bridal trousseau...

Wedding day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Nobody expects an emergency at their wedding. But that's exactly why they are called so. To avoid any last minute hassles and delays in your wedding ceremonies, we've...