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How to Select Gifts for a Bridal Shower

Wondering how to choose the right gifts for a bridal shower in India? Find out the easiest way to pick the right gifts for any Indian bridal shower...

gift giving etiquette india

What You Should Know about Gift Giving Etiquette in India

Gifting is a way of social communication. So, it comes with certain rules and norms, known as 'gift giving etiquette'. As the wedding season is yet to arrive,...


Wedding Day Rangoli Ideas

Rangoli is big part of Indian traditions. It is deep rooted in our culture and marks its place at the entrance of houses and temples alike. Rangoli designs are seen on...

indian beach wedding

10 Reasons to Have an Indian Beach Wedding

Do you want to have a destination wedding, but do not wish to travel far from home? Have you given a beach wedding in India a thought? If...

How to Dress Right for Your Body Shape’

How to Dress Right for Your Body Shape

We’ve already read about ‘How to Eat Right for Your Body Shape’. Now let’s understand ‘How to Dress Right for Your Body Shape’. It is quite important to...

bachelorette party

10 Ideas to Add Fun Touches to Your Bachelorette Party

Bored of typical bachelorette party ideas? Want to do something different? Here we have 10 amazing ideas to turn your bachelorette party into endless fun and timeless memories.


Pantone Fall Colours That You Can Wear To Your Wedding

How about choosing a shade that both you and your groom can wear on your special day? We tell you about some lovely combinations.