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Latest Wedding Trends Doing The Rounds This Season- 3

We've topped off our last article on wedding trends with some really interesting tips. Read on.

Bollywood Marriages

6 Long Lasting Bollywood Marriages

These are the couples who proved every judgement wrong about Bollywood's infamous fragile relationships. When some of them are close to a half-century of togetherness, some have already...

Mistakes to avoid in Indian wedding planning

12 Mistakes You Must Avoid When Planning An Indian Wedding

View the 12 most common wedding mistakes which brides-to-be and wedding families generally make while planning an Indian wedding. We also mention some ways to avoid them...

questions to help choose a honeymoon spot for couples

10 Questions to Help You Find The Perfect Honeymoon Locations

Confused about where to go for the perfect, most romantic honeymoon? Answer these 10 questions to help you decide....


Latest Wedding Trends Doing The Rounds This Season – Part 2

We have more fun updates for you with regard to wedding trends across faiths and regions. Click here to find out more.

choosing the right bridal beautician

Tips for Choosing the Best Bridal Beautician….

For that perfect magical glow on your wedding day, numerous beauty treatments and services available can get a little confusing. So, here is a checklist on what...

unique blouse patterns for the bride

4 Unique Blouse Patterns for the Indian Bride

Indian weddings are full of show and pomp. Dressing up for various ceremonies and rituals is an integral part of the  wedding tradition. As such, the bride has...