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Get Set To Tackle These Wedding Planning Surprises

Put all your wedding planning woes to rest with some advice from us on how to tackle any surprises that may come your way.

how to lose extra fat before the wedding

How to Lose That Extra Fat before your Wedding Day

Most brides to be go through some sort of pre-wedding diet plan. After all, all eyes will be on you and you want to look your best. Here...


Avoid These Unexpected Surprises During Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is both tedious and fun and no matter how much you prepare for it, there are always bound to be a few surprises waiting for you....

5 books for the bride to be

5 Books Every Bride Must Read Before Tying The Knot

We know what you are thinking – Read a book and a list of 5 books at that, when you are probably neck deep into wedding planning? But...


What’s Your Groom Really Thinking

Understanding your man is easier than you'd think. We give you the advice you need. ..


Bridal Shots Ideas For Wedding Album

Don't let your wedding album be filled with static posed bridal shots, add some fun and try out these contemporary candid shots perfect for every bridal shoot.


Decoding Your Groom’s Unspoken Thoughts

Wedding planning can be tedious and more so when you are doing it all alone. Here's how to decode what your groom really thinks about wedding planning.