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Month: April 2016

Weddings On A Budget: Ideas And Tips

The average Indian wedding costs around 7-8 lakh INR, but using these 13 tips, you can keep the costs down!

indian wedding sweet trends

Indian Wedding Sweet Trends for 2016

Bored of barfis, gulab jamuns and kulfis? How about some marshmallows, chai ice cream, chocolate fondue and phirni trifle as your wedding sweets? Sounds amazing? Read on to...

manicured finger nails

5 Essential Tips To Take Care Of Your Bridal Nails

What are the best tips you can put into practice to take care of your manicured hands on your wedding day? We tell you all that you need...

habits of happy couples

9 Habits Of Happiest Couples

Follow these 9 mantras to have a happy married life!


4 Tips On How To Include Pets In Your Wedding

Ever wondered about how to include your pet in your wedding? We give you tips on what to watch out for while ensuring that your furry friends are...

wedding veil

Christian Wedding Veils To Suit Your Face Shape

Looking for the perfect wedding veil for your special day? We give you tips on how to find the perfect one.

this is what a INR 55 Crore wedding looks like

Real Weddings: Inside An INR 55 Crore Wedding!

Must see photos from an INR 55 Crore Indian wedding! 'Big Fat Wedding' At Its Best!