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Month: March 2016

date-night hairstyles

10 Date Night Hairstyles Inspired by Celebs

Going on a special night out with that special someone? Look no further; we have gathered a list of awesome date-night hairstyles inspired by Bollywood celebs right here.

most iconic bollywood sarees of all times

6 Timeless Sarees From Bollywood

Get some much needed bridal trousseau inspiration from Bollywood divas and their iconic film saris!

bespoke wedding cakes

4 Tips For Choosing A Bespoke Wedding Cake

Bespoke wedding cakes are trending in a big way and we share 4 tips on how to get the perfect cake for your wedding.

tips to lose weight

20 Tips to Lose Weight Quickly

Shedding those extra kilos overnight is a dream for many. While that can be a bit unrealistic to ask for, here are 20 sure-fire tips to lose weight...

bride questions

4 Questions Every Bride Wants To Ask

Got questions on your mind that you would like answers to but dont know who to ask? Here are our top questions that every bride wants an answer...

engagement photo

5 Ways To Present Yourself In Engagement Photos

Engagement photo sessions can be tons of fun if you prepare yourself beforehand for them. SO how do you make sure that each photo comes out picture perfect?...

unique first date ideas for to be Indian couples

15 Tips For A Perfect First Date

You are dying to meet the person you talked over the phone or met online, but you don’t want to bore that person to death and seal any...