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10 most important steps of wedding planning

10 Most Important Steps of Wedding Planning

Phew! The very thought of planning a wedding can be daunting and exhausting before you even get started. With this ready reckoner of 10 most important items, you...


A Groom’s ‘Do Not Touch’ Wedding List

In a sequel to our last article, we've compiled a list of four decisions that are best left to your future bride to make. Read on for more....

Coleen Khan's bridal tips for frizzy hair

Expert Tips From Celeb Beauty Artist Coleen Khan To Control Frizzy Hair

Brides: Suffer from frizzy, unmanageable hair? Then get tips from Coleen Khan, celeb beauty artist in this video.....

Super Foods For Glowing Skin

A list of power-packed superfoods for healthy, glowing skin ....


Grooms And More Wedding Planning Advice

Read the second part of our article on the best wedding planning advice for grooms.

remove fading mehendi from hands and legs

How To Remove Fading Mehendi After The Wedding

Some effective home remedies to remove fading mehendi from your hands and feet, once the wedding celebration is over...

surprise wedding costs

10 Surprise Wedding Costs and How to Avoid Them

Couples-to-be are often surprised to find hidden wedding costs going up by lakhs of Rupees! It is imperative not to underestimate such surprise costs. Presenting top unexpected wedding...