Real Weddings: Ouissem & Ghania’s Indo-French Wedding by Camera Crew Photography

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An “outdoorsy” couple, Ouissem and Ghania wanted a simple wedding but were also keen on taking home souvenirs from India. And what better way to do that than in the form of post-wedding photographs shot on the beaches of Mumbai?

Right from the time they decided to spend the rest of their lives together, the couple was very keen on having a rather simple wedding ceremony with no bells and whistles. So they zeroed in on The French Consulate as their wedding venue- with just the two of them and the French officiant in attendance. The entire ceremony did not take more than an hour: the minister read an extract of the French marriage law and the couple exchanged vows and wedding rings. The romantics however chose to make the moment  extra special by dressing up in traditional Indian wedding wear. The very lovely bride shopped for her wedding accessories and the gorgeous green saree in Bangalore.

The team of energetic and passionate wedding photographers, Camera Crew, were approached by the couple who had seen their protfolio and were very impressed with their work. The team had to work within the set time frame, as the couple was in Mumbai for a short duration. The photographers have beautifully captured the bride’s getting ready portraits followed by the actual ceremony and a beautiful post-wedding shoot on the beach.

Here are the details from the couple about the day:      


               Bride and Groom: Ghania – Scientist (Biological researcher) and  Ouissem – IT Engineer

  Was it a Love/arranged match?–  Love marriage
  Wedding date and venue– Friday 27th of June – General French Consulate of Mumbai…Cameracrew_001-68
Where did the bride shop for her clothing and accessories?  Most of it was purchased from “Commercial Street” in Bangalore.
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Your wedding photographer and why you chose them?- We met the Camera Crew team online and had a look at their work. We loved their portfolio. Rajesh Dembla , the founder of Camera Crew is proactive, very professional, and one need not manage him: the team knows what is to be done. That can be a huge relief on a wedding day when you are busy with other things.  Their attention was 100% on their duties. We got a perfect mix of candid and posed photos-something which we were keen upon.
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Advice for other brides/grooms to be–  Try to plan the most you can before the d-day, you will be free just to enjoy.
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