10 Most Romantic Luxury Honeymoon Destinations in the World

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Your honeymoon should be a once in a lifetime opportunity, it will provide memories which will last a lifetime. You may even need to spend as much time planning this element of your wedding as the ceremony itself! It is the opportunity to indulge yourself and enjoy a standard of accommodation that you might not normally choose. Of greater importance is the actual destination, so here are the top ten romantic destinations in the world:

  1. Maldives

There are over one thousand islands which make up the Maldives and each one offers the opportunity to enjoy gourmet dining, beautiful white sandy beaches and sunsets which cannot be experienced anywhere else in the world. The crystal clear water will invite you to try scuba diving whilst the masseuse will ensure you are fully relaxed.

  1. Santorini

Santorini sits in the Mediterranean Sea and enjoys a warm climate all year round.  It has colorful red and black beaches which will be sure to entice you and to create some fantastic photos. There are an abundance of archaeological finds to be explored and even a historic city, Manolas. The villages are full of white and blue houses which stand out elegantly against the surrounding countryside.

Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

  1. Fiji

Fiji Island has often been called the most romantic destination on Earth and once you visit it is easy to understand why!  There are three hundred and thirty three islands in a chain, each one of them offers a slightly different experience. They are the perfect destination for those who are looking for adventure and water sports or anyone looking for seclusion and romance can enjoy one of the quieter islands. You will feel like you have your own slice of paradise!

4. Tuscany

Italy is one of the most romantic places in the world and Tuscany is one of its finest delights. The Italians are famous for their passion and their love of food. You can experience many of the culinary delights while surrounded by wineries, vineyards and an abundance of castles. Time seems to almost stand still and visitors can truly relax and take in the majestic scenery.

5. British Virgin Isles

This is potentially the most romantic spot in the Caribbean, full of white sandy beaches and inviting turquoise waters. The British Virgin Isles are the least developed of the Caribbean islands; the emphasis is on quality and not quantity. This will ensure you never feel cramped!  It is also a paradise for those who love sailing, particularly as there are sixty islands to explore.

6. Bali

If you have ever pictured a secluded jungle bungalow, on the edge of a deserted white beach, lapped only by a deep turquoise sea, then this is the place for you. The resorts which sit on the Bali beaches offer luxurious spa treatments and some of the finest cuisine in the world. For the more adventurous it is possible to go inland and discover some of the many temples. It is even possible to make your own path up the slopes of an active volcano! There are few places in the world where you can do this! There is also a fantastic night life in the villages which can be enjoyed when the mood takes you.

7. Paris

Paris is one of the most famous cities in the world and is synonymous with love. It is home to a host of famous landmarks including the Eiffel Tower and the Arch de Triumph. It is also the place to enjoy some of the finest French cuisine, followed by a romantic walk along the banks of the Seine. There are a host of other attractions which will ensure your honeymoon is memorable for all the right reasons. Where better to start your married life than the city of love?

8. Tahiti

Tahiti is one of the most luxurious destinations in the world and is set against a magical backdrop of red and orange skies dipping into a tranquil sea. It is a little less accessible than some of the other well known islands but this should add to the appeal of a romantic getaway. The islands are a fascinating mix of natural beauty and French architecture. The adventurous traveler can even explore the jungle! It is an idyllic destination.

Luxury Honeymoon Destinations

9. Cape Town

Cape Town is an often overlooked destination but one of stunning beauty and a wide range of cultural and architectural delights. The city sits beneath the famous Table Mountain and a cable car ride will allow you to appreciate the magnificence of the city, its coastline and the deep blue sea which adjourns its numerous beaches. It is possible to go inland on a safari trip and experience many wild animals in their natural habitat, or you may prefer to visit penguin beach or whale watch from one of the many vantage points. The city itself offers a vibrant atmosphere, lots of villas in Cape Town and an abundance of bars, cafes and restaurants; which cater for every taste. There really is something for every couple at this destination.

10. Seychelles

The Seychelles are made up of one hundred and fifteen different islands and are well known for some of the most luxurious accommodation in the world. It is a favorite of celebrities and you can be assured of a private spot on one of the white sandy beaches to enjoy a romantic honeymoon together. You will doubtlessly have seen the pictures of swaying palms and huge boulders on white sandy beaches; in reality the island is even better than in the pictures.

This guest post was contributed by Edward Francis. Please read his other honeymoon related features here.

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