10 Relationship Traps To Avoid

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Is there such a thing as a relationship trap? Sure there is, simply because there are all sorts of relationships that people find themselves ‘trapped’ in and then do their best to get out of. But ending anything is tough and when one person walks out of a relationship, there are always the tears and painful memories to get over.

How do you know which are the relationship traps to avoid? We list ten of them:

1. Inability to Trust Trap

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It isn’t worth being in a relationship if you do not 100% trust your partner. If you find yourself questioning any small move that your partner makes, then your relationship needs a reality check super fast.

2. Always Being Possessive Trap

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Remember this- you do not OWN the person you are with. Sure, you may be engaged and are on you way to getting married soon, but that doesn’t mean you now have the license to be over possessive. Possessiveness to an extent lets the other person know he is cherished.

3. The Anger Trap

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Lots of couples fight themselves falling into this relationship trap at some point or the other. Having fights can be very healthy as long as the anger is channelled into finding a common solution and not directed at the other person. Staying angry for long also means that the chances of saying more hurtful things is higher.

4. The Manipulator Trap

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Most manipulators are so good at directing another person’s emotions in the way they choose that the second person eventually feels like the partner is nothing short of a saving grace or an angel from heaven. Over time, the mask slowly slips away and it’s likely that the victim will walk out of such a toxic relationship.

5. Being Over-Romantic Trap

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Everyone enjoys a bit of romance in their relationships, but what happens when a person overdoes it? Simply put, it’s a relationship trap that can make the other person feel really disinterested and even anxious about where such a relationship is headed.

6. The Lack of Romance Trap

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On the other end of the scale, there are plenty of couples who fall into this category because they simply don’t have the energy, time or willpower to keep the romance alive in their relationship. As a couple matures together, it becomes even more important to make time for special moments together.

7. The Narcissm Trap

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Yes, there really are people out there who marry just for the sake of power, status or position and they fall in the narcissistic category- narcissists believe that the relationship that they are in is all about them and not ‘us’. Of course, such relationships don’t last long either!

8. The Disrespectful Trap

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Marriage should be about teamwork and about a couple maturing in both love and respect for each other. Verbal cruelty and being disrespectful about the partner’s emotions and thoughts are assumed to be a part and parcel of marriage but a healthy relationship doesn’t have room for such negativity.

9. The Abusive Trap

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Abuse can be of four types- mental, verbal, physical and sexual. All four by themselves or as a combination are deadly for the health of any relationship.

10. The Control Freak Trap

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A relationship trap that’s best avoided includes acting like the dictator in the relationship and deciding who does what. Your partnership certainly wont last long this way.

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