10 Wedding Entertainment Ideas to Wow Your Guests

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No one wants to throw an absolute snooze-fest wedding or even bore their guests to tears on their big day. And weddings today are much more than rituals, food, and outfits. Some fun elements can always spice up ritualistic moments to add individuality to your multi-day affair. Whether you organise your ceremony in a banquet hall or out in the garden, entertainment is an aspect that could be arranged anywhere. So it’s time you stepped up your game to go that extra mile. With these wedding entertainment ideas, your big day will be a spectacle to be remembered for a lifetime!

Here are 10 fun wedding ideas you that will leave your guests in awe…..

Live Wedding Orchestra

If you think a live wedding orchestra is what Prince Harry and Meghan Markle can afford, here’s the good news! A wedding orchestra does not cost an arm and leg. Musicians from an orchestra create a variety of sophisticated, elegant and romantic music styles to suit every ambiance and mood.

DJ and Emcee Entertainment

A DJ and Emcee make a great combination to take all of the worries off your shoulders. Emcees create a fun atmosphere and engage the crowd to participate in a variety of activities. While the Emcee makes sure the crowd is entertained, the DJ focuses on playing the perfect music to suit every mood and vibe.

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Mascot or Live Cartoon Character

You and your family will be busy with all the arrangements. And it may be difficult for you to receive every guest. Hiring a mascot or live cartoon characters to welcome your guests is a great idea to keep everyone engaged and is an eye-candy treat for all the kids. Parents can enjoy interacting with friends and family, while the kids can spend time admiring their favourite cartoon stars.

Parrot Astrology

To keep your guests engaged throughout the ceremonies, parrot astrology makes a great addition to your list of entertainment ideas. Everyone is interested to know what the future holds them and so do your guests! Keep them entertained with parrot reading and even all your international guests will be thrilled.

Dandiya/Garba Dancers

Dandiya and garba is a quintessential segment of Gujarati weddings. But with its widespread celebration, all your guests will be entertained when peppy Bollywood numbers are remixed and played during the celebration.

Ballroom Dancing

Choose a wedding venue having a Grand Ballroom because Ballroom dancing at weddings is becoming increasingly popular. Your wedding is one of those days that you and your partner will be celebrating with close family and friends to express your love and commitment for one another. A great way to express your devotion and love for each other is through your first dance together. Your guests will await and will want to capture your special dance.


Comedians have become a very popular choice for entertainment. So why not at weddings! You can always hire comedians that suit all tastes, ages, and budgets. Brilliant punch lines, a great public presence, and A++ delivery is plenty to ensure laughter.

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Fun Photo booth

Pictures speak a thousand words! Nothing breaks the ice at weddings like a fun photo booth. A few blush-inducing props, a fun backdrop is all you need to get friends and family mingling in front of the camera. Guests would love the opportunity to capture their moments. And after all, it’s not an everyday affair to find yourself dolled up in a pretty lehenga or suit.


Fireworks are a great idea to add a touch of sparkle to your wedding. And they can be as big or small as you wish, from twinkling sparklers to a show-stopping exhibit.

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Make a Grand Entry

A reception holds an important place in a couple’s life. It is your first appearance as husband and wife. And couples swag is a big trend at weddings. Make a grand entry and give a dose of entertainment to your guests by dancing along with your friends and family.

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