10 Zodiac Signs That Are Perfect For Each Other

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Astrology is one of the oldest sciences and many wise and intelligent people believe in it. In India, astrology is always considered before making a match. So, today, we are taking a look at something that is known as ‘love astrology- we will be discussing 10 zodiac sign pairings that make perfect couples. Take this guide with a pinch of salt –we hope it will help reveal several things about your potential (or existing) mate. Without further adieu-10 zodiac signs perfect for each other.

1. Pisces woman-Sagittarius Man

Piscean woman is hot blooded, caring and committed when in love. Sagittarius man in love is energetic, enthusiastic, playful and fun loving. This Fire and Water couple sizzles. She will treat him with respect and love-he will be very caring. Both are down to earth and foster optimism and constructive outlook in each other.

2. Cancer Woman-Leo Man

This makes an excellent combination as they share the same emotional plane. Both are emotional, sensitive and romantic. They love each other’s company and understand each other rather well. This couple can also work towards common social and personal objectives. The relationship will be rocket launchers and fire crackers all the way!

3. Gemini Woman-Virgo Man

This is a great combination which indicates compatibility, prosperity and a strong relationship. Both are practical, resourceful and intelligent. The partners will share many common interests like science, media and writing. He will be entertaining, supportive and a family man-she will support his decisions. Their ability to communicate well will help them handle all their pursuits well.

4. Scorpio Woman-Leo Man

This is an excellent combination with matching wavelengths. She is beautiful and attractive and he will admire her. She will be possessive but also loyal and caring. Both will support each other and neither will ever back down which is good.

5. Libra Woman-Capricorn Man

There is a high level of trust in this combination. These Air and Earth elements bring out the best in each other. He must take care not to bring out her confrontational side and ensure bringing security in her life.

6. Virgo Woman-Scorpio Man

This is a high quality partnership with emotional harmony where either partner understands the other’s feelings and moods. Both have great intuition about each other’s thoughts hence their communication is often non verbal. Their understanding and hard work will lead them to a happy life.

7. Aquarius Woman-Taurus Man

This is an amazing combination-she will appreciate his sensitive and caring side and he will find her kind and astute. His dependence on her could make her feel important!  She is a great listener and he will need sympathy and advice more than action. Both are romantic and affectionate and will enjoy marital bliss.

8. Scorpio Woman-Sagittarius Man

This can be a rocky though stimulating alliance and life is one heck of a rollercoaster when these two come together! She is energetic and he appreciates her wisdom and depth of perception. He is honest; she is charismatic. She can win over any man with a single glance so he needs to be careful! Both must learn to accept their differences-only then will their love be a dazzling experience.

9. Libra Woman-Libra Man

This power couple truly balances each other. Both are emotionally affectionate, tender and sympathetic. She loves flowers, art, cocktail parties and he has beautiful taste in pretty much everything. Libra woman must ask her Libra man for advice, praise him and be flatteringly romantic. All in all this will be genuine love as each one will treat the other with great deal of respect.

10. Scorpio Woman-Taurus Man

This is one of the best combinations as far as zodiac sign compatibility is concerned. There will be great understanding and cooperation between the two and their mutual interests in diet, dress, personal hygiene and worldly matters will be the same. They will communicate very well and will be able to fulfill each others’ demands too. This will further improve their compatibility.

And that concludes experts take on the best zodiac pairs. Let us know what you think of this in comments below!

Ref: Ask Oracle

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