4 Indian Jewellery Trends Of 2016 You Should Know About

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We’re almost half way through the year but we couldn’t help notice that there were some really good jewellery trends doing the rounds. We Indians love our jewellery and of course, traditional always works but the modern Indian bride doesn’t just want to wear jewellery that has been in the family for generations. On the other hand, what she does want is jewellery that adds to the class of her bridal wear and which makes a statement. And, you’d be surprised- it isn’t just about diamonds anymore! In fact, getting creative is the key to making your jewellery stand out. Here are a few 2016 Indian jewellery trends doing the rounds.

Big Maang-Tikkas

The maang- tikka or chutki isn’t just a sweet jewellery piece that the bride wore demurely. Today, brides don’t mind wearing it bigger, louder and in more elaborate designs. Hair jewellery with floral designs seem to the favourite. We suggest keeping your makeup simple if you opt for such this 2016 Indian jewellery piece.

Indian wedding jewelry trends 2016

Image: CandidKliks

Cocktail Rings

Sure, cocktail rings have been around since 2014 and can be spotted on girls at parties and one can wear a really eye catching one especially if the rest of the jewellery worn remains muted. One of the reasons why Indian brides love cocktail rings could be because they add glamour in a subtle way and when worn on a delicately manicured hand, the result is more than eye-catching. The more intricate the design, the more memorable the ring.

Indian wedding jewelry trends 2016

Image: Impress Digital Studio

Double Stranded Thick Necklaces

The Nizams of Hyderabad were famous for their double stranded pearls and it looks like as if this 2016 Indian jewellery trend is here to stay. One thing’s for sure- when you’re wearing one of these, you don’t have to worry about whether anybody has noticed your expensive set. But you would need to tone down the amount of jewellery you wear overall or else the effect would be nothing less than gaudy. Focus on getting the perfect signature piece if you love chains.

Indian wedding jewelry trends 2016

Image: The Filmy Wedding Studio

Funky Ear-rings

Solitaires just aren’t making the cut anymore these days and Indian brides want ear-rings that are big, colourful and which look great. All kinds of designs are becoming popular and maybe we have Bollywood celebs to thank as well, for making unusual designs this popular. For example, Sonam Kapoor has been spotted in ear cuffs which are reminiscent of Egyptian culture. Expect to see more vibrant designs and ear cuffs in this 2016 Indian jewellery trend.

Indian wedding jewelry trends 2016

Image: Snap Stories

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