5 Pulled back Wedding Hairstyles Inspired by Bollywood Beauties

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The pulled back or back combed wedding hairstyles go very well with any formal function and look rather classy for casual evenings as well. Back combed chic wedding hairstyles frame your face perfectly and add oomph to your personality. No matter what look you want to sport for your wedding extravaganza, you can look stunning and stylish by back combing your tresses.

Check out the best of pulled back hairstyles sported by our Bollywood beauties that will surely inspire you to try them out on your special day.

1. Deepika Padokone
This stylish diva always keeps experimenting with her looks. In this pulled back bun she looks sassy and sophisticated. The bun adds glamour, charisma and charm to her sensational face. Try sporting this look on any of your pre wedding celebrations and be a head turner.



2. Sonam Kapur
Sonam does full justice to her tresses by pinning them up and the hairstyle with smooth waves appears extremely stylish and frames her face. This cute stylish diva of Bollywood looks highly chic and casual with her well coordinated attire. Her ethnic appeal and queenly charm adds to the style quotient. Try it out and be a big stunner for the function!


3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan
The most beautiful woman in the world, Aishwarya looks ultra chic with this hairdo, which she flaunted on the red carpet at Cannes. Having secured her hair in a bun at the back and with hair puffed from the front, this beauty surely knows to carry herself well on the international arena. If you plan to wear a gown for a formal gathering try this look and be the beautiful seductress like Aish.

Aish-The stunner


4. Kareena Kapoor
Kareena with her easy-to-achieve hairstyle makes a style statement. This updo with the hair messily pinned in a bun gives a very girl next door look. It can go well with any outfit. Try and replicate this look by using some bobby pins and simply applying some hair serum. You can also try a new hair colour that suits your complexion. The side swept bangs can be pinned up or left open to frame your face.


5. Rani Mukherjee
This pretty style would be perfect for the engagement or wedding ceremony. Keep the tresses neatly pinned up in a bun at the back with a gajra sitting pretty over it gives you a royal look. A popular hair style with the brides to be, this will surely make you look like a celebrity.

Rani Mukherjee

So grab some pins or take help from professionals and try these wedding hairstyles inspired by Bollywood beauties and be sure to look like a diva.

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