5 Tips To Involve Your Pet In Your Photo Shoot

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Pets aren’t for entertainment; in fact your pet is another family member who deserves as much love and care as  loved ones do. It’s not surprising then that couples these days prefer to include their pet in photoshoots and even in the ceremony itself. So, if you would love your pet (yes, even cattle and horses have played key roles in wedding ceremonies!), then here are 5 tips for you to keep in mind first.

1. Inform your Photographer

If you had this naughty idea of surprising your photographer by simply bringing your pet along on the scheduled day of the photoshoot, then it’s a bad idea. He needs to be informed well in advance so that he can be prepared from his side too. Besides, he may even change the location and come up with even more creative ideas for the photoshoot.

2. Understand your Pet

Many pets are very comfortable around their owners but may show anxiety symptoms and even aggressiveness when they are put in the midst of strangers. Cats are known to be snappy and stubborn and dogs can mentally ‘switch-off’ as they please too. Bigger animals like horses and cattle can also display such warning signs. So, if your pet isn’t that comfortable with strangers, don’t force him or her into any situation where good behaviour isn’t guaranteed.

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Image: DKreate Photography

3. Keep Your Pet Comfy

Pets love routine and they hate anything that disturbs that routine. Sure, they love being in the limelight and getting all that attention but if they’re hungry, they also want to be assured that their snack is somewhere within reach. So, if you are tagging your pet along, make sure that you carry enough food, toys and water so that your pet stays cool and comfy irrespective of the location.

4. Think About the Accessories

You’ll find plenty of cute photos of dogs dressed up in tuxedos at weddings. Sure they look very adorable but is the dog actually comfortable wearing clothes at all? If animals are put into certain situations that they feel threatens their safety, then they could turn aggressive or get destructive. How about simply putting a bowtie or a scarf on your pet for the photoshoot instead? This way they won’t feel itchy and will give their best smile too.

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Image: Wedding Nama

5. Take another Family Member Along

Pets have very short attention spans and if your photographer has worked with animals before, he will ensure that your pet isn’t made to pose for long stretches of time. However, keeping in mind that you too would want a few intimate shots with your partner, asking a dog trainer or a family member to come along so that they can keep an eye on your pet, allows you to focus on giving your best in front of the camera.

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