5 Tips to Plan a Wedding Abroad on a Budget

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A wedding ceremony is a very significant ritual although some people perceive it as signing a simple piece of paper. Everything about the wedding is meaningful and serves as a symbol for two people starting a life together. If you’re a romantic soul, chances are that you want to make this day especially memorable – and organize your special day abroad. First of all, you need to understand that this is a serious project and even more so if you have a limited budget; there are a lot of different items which will require your attention. So, let’s find out what it takes to organize the wedding of your dreams abroad.

1. Make a Detailed List of Expenses

If you’re not a control freak, this is the perfect time to become one. Organizing an event this significant in an unknown location will require you to become a strategist. Therefore, make sure to make a list of expenses which consists of the slightest of details that come to mind. Speaking of strategies – a good one always has a safety net. So, while you’re working on this list, make sure you think about risk assessment as well, so that you know exactly what to do if a flight gets canceled or the weather changes from cloudless sunny skies to a terrible storm.

2. Go Off Season

Doing this could actually cut your expenses in half. However, if you plan on selecting an exotic location for your wedding, make sure to get seriously informed about the weather conditions off season. The fact that it’s not summer doesn’t imply that you’ll be dealing with heavy rains for example, when it comes to some of the locations, while in others, you might want to expect exactly that.

3. Mind the Guest List

Organizing a wedding abroad on a budget isn’t a happening where you should invite everyone you know. Although I’m sure you’d like for the whole town to be there, you need to be very reasonable about your guest list and invite only your loved ones. Otherwise, your wedding day might be the beginning of your bankruptcy.

how to plan a wedding abroad on a budget

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4. Book Everything in Advance

Making plans six months or even a whole year in advance can be seriously helpful if you want to stay within the limits of your budget. Although this takes a dose of spontaneity out of the romance, it’s definitely worth it. Therefore, contact your venue manager right now, book your caterer, florist, photographer, as well as someone who can provide you with quality photo editing services. As long as you’re planning an exotic wedding, you should also have someone to give your photos a nice finishing touch.

5. Consider Hiring a Wedding Planner

Some people can’t really include organizational skills into their list of top features. If you know your fiancé and you are bad at this, then it’s a smart choice to make the investment and hire someone who’s a professional. Mistakes that you can potentially make can cost a lot, and it’s better to be safe than sorry here.

So, these guidelines are your base. If you assign a structure to every aspect of your organization, we’re sure that you’ll be more than satisfied with the outcome. And, if this doesn’t look like something you can pull off, you can always hire a professional to help you out.

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