5 Wedding Lehenga Fabrics For The Indian Bride

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A wedding lehenga may be the most important wedding keepsake that a bride has in her cupboard; one that she would happily give to the next generation. Just like there are different bridal tastes, there are also different wedding lehenga fabrics that can make you look and feel ethereal. So, how do you choose the perfect one for yourself?

We take a look at 5 of the most popular types of wedding lehenga fabrics that are adorned by Indian brides all through the year.

Georgette or Chiffon

wedding lehenga fabrics

Image courtesy Neha Brackstone Photography

If you are sure that you don’t want your wedding lehenga to look and feel very heavy, then this is the right fabric choice to make. In fact, chiffon is a fabric that can be worn by curvier brides as well as it helps define a woman’s figure. Plus, with the right embroidery, you’ll have a wedding lehenga that looks nothing short of royal. If you have decided to have a summer wedding or even a garden wedding, then this is the fabric we’d recommend to keep you feeling cool.


wedding lehenga fabrics

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Velvet used to be much in demand in the early 60’s and 70’s when it wasn’t unusual to spot this fabric on dresses, women’s pants and even in men’s coats. Today, velvet has made a strong comeback because it shows off deep shades beautifully. In fact, one doesn’t even need much embroidery on the wedding lehenga at all. Brides who choose this fabric will feel cosy and comfortable all evening wearing it, which is why it’s often recommended for winter weddings. We suggest going with royal shades like wine red, maroon, leaf green and midnight blue.


wedding lehenga fabrics

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Silk is the wedding lehenga fabric of choice for brides who want a classy elegant look without going overboard on the design or embroidery. Silk looks beautiful when worn for a night time wedding and if you have a small frame, then raw silk should be the fabric you opt for. You’ll find that pure silk doesn’t irritate your skin, is naturally soft and will keep you comfortable for a long time. Its no surprise then that it’s a favourite with designers too.


wedding lehenga fabrics

Image courtesy Octopus Film

Wearing this wedding lehenga fabric will make you feel nothing short of a princess. It can be worn for both a day time or a night time function and will show off your silhouette beautifully. Besides, many designers have net lehenga collections that are nothing short of awesome because even threadwork looks gorgeous on this fabric. Whether you are naturally tall or short, net is for everyone.

Organic Cotton

wedding lehenga fabrics

Image courtesy Amita & Suraaj Photography

Cotton was often the last wedding lehenga fabric of choice for native brides but not any longer. The modern Indian bride wants to look gorgeous but also doesn’t want to compromise on her comfort. And if that defines you, then organic cotton to keep your skin cool and comfortable is the way to go. Besides, even if you want to keep the design simple, you’ll find that threadwork and lace trimmings will enhance your outfit well.

Main Image courtesy Amita & Suraaj Photography

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