6 Style Tips To Look Slimmer On Your Wedding Day

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If you need styling tips that will help you look 10 kgs slimmer on your wedding day, you have come to the right place. We bring you 6 important tips from top designers, makeup artists, hairstylists as well as fashion gurus.

Tips to Look 10 Kilos slimmer on your wedding day

1. Opt for bright shoes

If you are wearing a salwar-kameez or a short lehenga, bring the attention to your feet by using bright shoes.

2. Accentuate your smallest part with customized dresses and supportive undergarments

The best way to look 10 kilos slimmer on the wedding day is to wear tailor made apparel that helps accentuate the smallest part of your body.  Avoid using full, loose and round clothing as this will make you look fuller and rounder. Also wear good supportive undergarments that will avoid bulges that make you look matronly. You could opt for slimming shapewear as well.

3. Choose the fabric wisely

Is your dress fabric making you look fat? There are many fabrics available in the market that can help slim you down. Cashmere, crepe silk, velvet, lace and satin help hug your curves and mould and shape your body for an instantly slimmer look.

4. Select colours that slim you

Did you know that your dress’s colour also plays a role in how thin or fat you appear? Opt for darker hues like navy, brown, charcoal, olive or gray while strictly avoiding neons, pastels and whites.

5. Is your hairstyle fattening you?

The style, shape, colour, texture of the hair also plays a role in how fat or slim your face appears in the wedding photos. While traditional Indian wedding hairstyles call for longer hair, it is important to make sure that the style or cut you choose frames your face to narrow it down. You can consider having side swept bangs to shorten and complement the face.  Adding highlights with a proper hair colour can also make wider faces look narrow and slim. Use  an anti-frizz shampoo since fly away and frizzy hair is another strict no-no when trying to look 10 kilos slimmer on your wedding day.

6. Get a makeup face lift!

How you apply your wedding makeup is another important factor that will fatten you up or slim you down. Use a concealer to hide under eye puffiness.  Next, get your makeup artist to highlight your face. Use skin toned powders, concealers and blushes on the cheekbones, hairline, chin, etc to diminish puffed up face. A talented makeup stylist can also help make angles on the face (where there are none) as well as use contouring to get rid of double chin etc.

Products we recommend:

Do not waste money on facials and non-invasive treatments that promise overnight face-lifts and weight reduction.

How to look slim on the wedding day

Finally, make sure you strike a nice pose while being photographed.  You can turn sideways at the camera, take a deep breath, hold in your stomach and smile widely. Remember, it is your day, so no matter what, it is important that you have fun and enjoy the occasion.

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