6 Ways To Avoid Common Wedding Day Regrets

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Most brides keep thinking about their wedding budget and, as a result, try to save money in the wrong places. This leads to many wedding day regrets after having said “I Do”. Brides-to-be: today we are discussing all those wedding day regrets and ways in which you can avoid them:

1. Not pampering themselves adequately

Bridal hair and makeup done by top professionals can cost a significant amount of money. However, when you select the best makeup artist, you are guaranteed of looking gorgeous in the wedding photos and these memories will remain with you for a lifetime. If there is ONE occasion in your lifetime on which you must look your absolute best, then this is it. While you might feel great saving money on slightly cheaper hair and makeup services, the end results could be disastrous in the form of oily skin, heavy caked makeup and an unflattering hairstyle.

How to avoid this: Research several bridal makeup and hairstylists. Get a trial makeup done even if it costs you money. Go through bridal photographs to choose the colors, style and overall look. Talk to your chosen stylist as to what you really want and make sure s/he understands what you are getting at.

wedding day regrets to avoid

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2. Not hiring a professional to take your wedding pictures

To cut corners and save money, brides and grooms often ask their cousins or friends to click their wedding photos. The result: unflattering photos with half closed eyes, blurred images and missing people and events. You might assign the job to the most sincere person in your family but he or she still cannot be at all places at the same time. A professional wedding photographer has a big team that can capture various events happening simultaneously. This way, you too can enjoy all the details you might have missed when you browse through the pictures later.

How to avoid this: Hire a reputed wedding photographer. Talk to them in detail about the poses and shots you want covered. The chosen photographer should be able to tell a story of your Big Day. If budget is a concern, talk to the photographer to create a custom package for you.

wedding day regrets and how to avoid them

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3. Not inviting someone you are not 100% sure of

Wedding planning should ideally begin with making detailed lists of people you want to come to this special event. In many cases though, brides and grooms have expressed regrets about not inviting someone they were not sure about.

How to avoid this: The best thing to do is to send the invite anyways even if you are not 100% sure whether you want this person/s at the wedding. It is better to invite and regret later than not invite and then wish having done so.

4. Not keeping a wedding keepsake

The wedding invite is one such important wedding keepsake brides regret not having. Most couples-to-be print a select number of invitation cards but forget to keep one for themselves.

How to avoid this: The best way to avoid making this mistake is to bring a sample of each of the wedding stationery (save the date, reception cards, wedding invites, etc) and ask the photographer to take a picture of them.

boxed indian wedding invites

5. Not hiring a wedding videographer

On the day of the wedding, you will be busy with a hundred things. As a result, you are likely to miss out on many events happening elsewhere at the wedding venue.

How to avoid this: Hire a professional wedding videographer. He/she can videotape not just the vows but also capture expressions, words and even feelings during the ceremony and otherwise.

wedding day regrets to avoid

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6. Forgetting to enjoy the food

As the bride or groom, you will be in high demand and guests would be scrambling to congratulate you after the ceremony. Most couples forget to sample their wedding food which they have planned so meticulously and even spent huge amounts on. Some brides even forget to eat all day!

How to avoid this: Have a proper breakfast to give you the requisite energy to stand and dance all day. Ask a cousin or a friend to feed you some appetizers in between meeting guests. Most importantly, keep a small bottle of water handy to stay hydrated.

wedding day regrets to avoid

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There is a lot of anxiety and pressure that brides go through on the wedding day. The most important thing is to not forget seeing the bigger picture. We hope these 6 tips help you steer clear of common wedding day regrets and help you create lasting memories with your loved ones.

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