7 Skin Unfriendly Foods Brides Must Avoid

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We bet that you began taking extra care of your diet and put in a few more hours at the gym as the countdown to your wedding day began. After all, being healthy from within and feeling good about yourself will show in many ways as you say your wedding vows.

Let’s look at another aspect when it comes to health- food. With so many yummy snacks and savouries being made by the elders in the house, it’s almost impossible to say no to childhood favourite treats. But if you’re serious about keeping your complexion clear and glowing (because we all know that what you eat shows up on your face), then here are the top 7 skin unfriendly foods that every bride should avoid:

1. Dairy

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It’s a myth that vegetarians can get their share of protein and calcium only by consuming dairy products. Plenty of veggies, organic nuts and seeds also contain good amounts of protein and calcium minus the hormones that are often found in milk. We suggest keeping consumption of any dairy product to a bare minimum as a strong link between sudden breakouts, cystic acne and dairy products has been established.

2. High Fibre Foods

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Now, why would food that contains high amount of fibre be on our list of skin unfriendly foods, you may ask? Indulge in lentils by all means especially if you are on a vegetarian or vegan diet, but do remember that overindulging in dal makhni could increase your overall calorie intake besides also giving you gastric disorders like excess flatulence or constipation.

3. White Carbs

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It takes nothing short of Herculean effort to say no to a bowl of creamy pasta but eating refined carbs actually does nothing for your body or health. What it does do, is make you feel bloated and full without giving your body any nutrients. These refined carbs can also increase your body weight, belly fat and show up as unsightly acne on your skin- all the more reason why they are on our list of skin unfriendly foods to stay away from.

4. Caffeine

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So, you simply cannot begin your day without a nice aromatic cup of coffee in your hands. No, we aren’t saying that you should say a big no to your favourite brew but what we are saying is to limit your overall intake of caffeine. Yes, that also includes all cola beverages and even ice-cream or chocolate that contains caffeine. Too much of caffeine leaves you mentally perked up but also dehydrates you inside. Add caffeine to fizzy drinks and you’re literally stripping your body of nutrients.

5. Sugar

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Weddings are a special occasion and with so many fresh sweets and delicacies being prepared and served, it’s hard to say no to a nice ghee laden laddoo. We at weddingsonline understand your sugar cravings thoroughly but if you really want clear skin on your wedding day, then staying clear of sugar or at least limiting your intake to a minimum should be top priority. You’ll know you’re having a sugar breakout when you find pimples popping up on your cheeks. Brides with PCOD will find that their symptoms improve once sugar is entirely eliminated from the diet.

6. Alcohol

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A wedding is a celebration after all isn’t it and if we’re not going to pop a bottle now, then when? However, since this article is about skin unfriendly foods, you should know that alcohol has been known to age the skin faster. Yes, your favourite red wine can increase the presence of fine lines across your face, and also leave you severely dehydrated. Keeping alcohol consumption to a minimum and drinking enough water is important for clear skin.

7. Salt

skin unfriendly foods

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Enough has been written about the dangers of consuming too much salt every day. In fact, the biggest culprits are canned food, chips, fries, fast food and most other unhealthy snacks that we Indians just can’t do without.  A high salt diet puts extra stress on the kidneys, increases blood pressure and also affects skin elasticity. If you wake up in the morning with puffy eyes and dark circles, then take it as a warning sign to limit sodium intake.

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