8 Tips To Handle Wedding Dress Shopping Frustration

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Of all things related to wedding planning, the most difficult one is staying positive while wedding dress shopping. Sure, every bride begins this process with stars in her eyes expecting it to be as magical as she has been dreaming it would be. For the lucky few brides –to-be, the ‘aha-that’s the one!” moment comes in the first shop itself; but not all brides are that lucky. Some have to go on to try dozens of different dresses in hundreds of shops to find ‘the one’. Needless to say, this can be a frustrating process. So today, we will be discussing top ten tips to help you stay positive and avoid the frustration that comes with wedding dress search.

1. Start early

This is the easiest way to avoid wedding dress shopping frustration and last minute compromises. You should ideally begin your wedding dress seacrh a year in advance. This way you won’t feel rushed into making hasty decisions. You can also try several shops in your city or, if needed, even travel to another city known for unique wedding dress collections.

2. Browse through online galleries

Thanks to Instagram, Pinterest and weddingsonline galleries, you won’t face any dearth in inspiration. You can easily shortlist fabrics, silhouettes and colours based on this which can then greatly reduce the actual time you spend in stores.

3. Have it customized

At weddingsonline, we have partnered with many talented wedding dress designers. Simply schedule an interview with these experts in order to have the entire bridal trousseau customized based on your liking and budget. Visit our Bridal Attire section and book an appointment with talented designers in your city.

4. Seek help of friends

Shopping with trusted friends and family members is not only fun; it can also take away the frustration one tends to experience when faced with a wide range of choices. Your friends can help you shortlist the dresses and greatly ease the process. If you like, you can also take your beau or your MIL shopping; a lovely way to bond over shopping.

5. Be realistic

Yes we all want to look like Katrina Kaif does in her rom-com flicks where she dons those gorgeous mermaid lehengas. However, you need to be realistic. Know your body shape and type and choose a dress that best suits it. Do not run behind trends blindly. Also know that you probably won’t be wearing the dress again after the wedding, so be practical in your selection.

6. Highlight your best features

Have great shoulders? A slim waist? Then choose a silhouette that compliments those features. This can make your selection a lot easier and help you avoid frustration.

7. Love what you see in the mirror

This is important not only for wedding dress shopping but otherwise as well. Love yourself no matter what. You have to develop a positive attitude towards your body. Describe yourself in positive words when you talk to your designer and if s/he tells you otherwise- do not hesitate to break up with them.

8. Look your best when you go dress shopping

Believe us! When you put your best foot forward, you will feel confident when you try on different wedding dresses. If needed, get your hair done too before you shop. Do not forget to wear the right shoes and under garments during the trial. These little things can make a lot of difference when you shop for your dress.

Finally: Wedding dress shopping is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. So just enjoy the process!

Image: Stories by Joseph Radhik

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