8 Tips To help You Beat Frizz This Monsoon

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Come monsoon and it seems like your hair has taken on a new life of its own, acting every bit like a rebellious teenager. No matter what you do and no matter what hair products you try, you simply can’t wrap your head (and hair) and finger around frizz. But to demystify matters; the presence of frizz is simply your hair’s way of saying that the strands are pretty dry and that’s why your hair appears to be one huge mess of tangles, instead of looking glamorous.

So, how do you enjoy the monsoon and beat frizz at the same time? We have lined up our top 8 tips for you:

Have regular hair oil massages

Grandma wad right- those good old ‘champis’ work well to condition and smoothen your hair from inside out. You will not only give you hair all the right nutrients but a good massage works well for circulation too. Make sure that your tresses are well oiled and leave the oil on your hair for at least 30 minutes before washing it off. Coconut oil works excellently to beat frizz. In fact, your hair will also be shinier and have better texture.

Choose a shampoo that doesn’t have Sulphates

Sulf- what you may ask? Sulphates are just one of the many chemical ingredients that are put together to create some of the world’s most famous shampoos, but if beating frizz is your goal then choose natural. Shampoos with milder ingredients and fewer chemicals are your best bet.

Pick a good conditioner

So, you heard a rumour that conditioner increases hair fall and that’s why you’ve been avoiding it so religiously. On the contrary, conditioner is your best friend and helps to lock in moisture when it’s needed the most. The more hydrating ingredients (like soy milk, aloe vera, almond milk) there are in your conditioner, the better.

tips to beat the frizz this monsoon

Avoid rubbing your hair too much

Right after a bath, avoid rubbing your head with a towel continuously. Show your tresses some love- simply wrap them up in a towel and let your hair dry naturally on its own.

Use a wide toothed comb

Your hair is at its most fragile just after a bath, so if you really cannot resist the urge to run a comb through them, just make sure that it’s a comb with wide teeth so that your hair doesn’t get tangled while combing. It’s a good way to prevent hair fall too.

Try a hair serum

You’ll find plenty of good brands in the market and yes, hair serum is a good way to keep your locks hydrated and to keep frizz at bay. Simply pour a small amount in your palm and then apply it to your hair evenly. Apply just enough quantity so that your hair doesn’t look weighed down.

Use your styling tools smartly

We won’t say that you should pack them up and keep your handy styling tools in the cupboard, but what we will say is that you should use them wisely. Don’t use your tools at high temperatures as that could really fry your hair. Bringing the heat down = lesser frizz for you.

Stop over washing your hair

And by that we mean, skip washing your hair every single day just because you want to feel squeaky clean. It’s honestly one of the worst things you could do for frizz simply because the natural oils in your hair get washed away and that means drier hair. Twice a week is good enough!

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