8 Ways To Impress Your Mother In Law

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Most young women who await their wedding day with much excitement, get nervous when the word ‘mother in law’ is mentioned by family elders. But we say that gone are the days when a mother in law used to be a much dreaded personality and it was believed that the only way to be happy would be to bend to her every whim and fancy. On the other hand, we believe that mothers in law are probably just as anxious as you are about joining a new family- they want to know more about you and your interests and really want you to be as comfortable as possible so that you and your hubby are happy.

That’s why becoming your mother in law’s friend is much easier than you can imagine. Here are 8 ways to impress her long before your wedding day:

1. Learn About Her

The best person who can give you an insight about the kind of person she is, is her son. Learn about her likes and dislikes, about topics that she loves to discuss and those she would rather not and also about her family and immediate relatives.

2. Spend time with her

 The only way to know a person is by spending time with them right? So, go out on a lunch date with just your mother in law and open your heart and mind to her. You may even find that you both have quite a bit in common.

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3. Get Cooking

Food truly is the quickest way to anybody’s heart! Why not show off your cooking skills to your future mother in law by whipping up her favourite dish or two? She’ll be happy knowing that her son’s appetite is in safe hands.

4. Go Shopping

Wedding planning shouldn’t be your sole area of focus- it’s important to involve your future in laws too because after all it’s their son that you will be marrying. Ask your mother in law for her advice on what to wear and which style would suit you best. Thought the last word should be yours.

5. Include her in Planning

Need to meet vendors and have to decide on which ones will help put your wedding together? Don’t meet them alone- take his mom along. With her experience, she may be able to give you some fantastic advice and suggestions too.

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6. Surprise her

Don’t you love surprises? So, imagine just how happy she would be if you gifted her a book by an author she likes, tickets to a play she has always wanted to watch or even just a potted plant. It’s not the cost that matters, but the thought that truly counts.

7. Stay in Touch

Let’s assume that your mother in law stays far from where you are or is in another city and meeting up once a week or even in a month isn’t possible. Show her that you are serious about building a bond by giving her a call now and then, Skyping or even through instant messenger.

8. Don’t Complain

Venting out your feelings or complaining about something that isn’t going right is 1100% natural, but avoid ranting in front of your future mother in law. And no, never complain or point out nasty things about her son to her either.

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