9 Winter Wedding Favours To Gift This Season

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The winter season is upon us and there’s a change in the air with regard to the flavour of Indian weddings. What does the current season have to do with a wedding, one may ask, but in truth, the weather plays a huge role in deciding the wedding venue, the bridal wear and even the cuisine that is served.

Let’s talk about another interesting aspect of Indian winter weddings that will be the topic of discussion among your guests for days to come- the winter wedding favours. And just as you wouldn’t hesitate to gift your guests a little something that would stay with them for always, here are 9 winter wedding favour ideas that are guaranteed to make them smile:

Shawls or Stoles

winter wedding favours

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Brrrrr….. a good way to keep the chill away is by wrapping up in something warm and comfortable. A good shawl isn’t just useful but it’s a wonderful keepsake that has so much value.

Indian Desserts

winter wedding favours

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No, we aren’t talking the regular desserts- we mean those desserts that are specially prepared during the winter season and which keep the body and soul warm from within. Take your pick from gajjar ka halwa, moong dal halwa or any other Indian sweetmeat that’s popular at this time of the year.

Scented Candles

winter wedding favours

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Who doesn’t love a scented candle and that’s why these winter wedding favours always makes it to our yearly list. Gift a set of scented tea candles that will look alluring when lit in the dining room or even in the bedroom.

Wine Bottles

winter wedding favours

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Winter also means the onset of the festive season. You don’t have to gift full wine bottles if you find them expensive, even mini versions are guaranteed to win the hearts of your guests.

Skin Care Kit

winter wedding favours

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Winter also means dry skin problems and that’s why it’s a good idea to pack a body scrub and a nice smelling moisturiser together to give away. We can bet your guests will be thrilled.

Mugs with Candy

winter wedding favours

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Wouldn’t you like to be gifted a mug with your initial on it? Now imagine if it was filled to the brim with liqueur chocolates or candy. Honestly, we think the adults would be thrilled with these winter wedding favours!

Chocolate Bars

winter wedding favours

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Winter and chocolate go hand in hand. Get creative and gift little bottles of imported cocoa powder or even chocolate.

Flavoured Tea Bags

winter wedding favours

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India has a long lasting relationship with tea. So how about gifting your guests a set of tea bags that come in exotic Indian flavours like masala, elaichi, adrak etc.

Mini Jewellery Boxes

winter wedding favours

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Get the initials of the guests monogrammed on the inside of the lid. Isn’t it a pretty way to keep little things from going missing? This is undoubtedly one of our favourite winter wedding favours this year.

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