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Image courtesy- Henna Moods Indian Pakistani Bridal makeup and hair

Indian bridal hairstyle trends keep changing with the seasons. Just like the modern bride has many options available to her in her bridal dresses, she also has various options in how she does her hair on her D-day. Bridal hairstylists can work wonders with your hair irrespective of its length and texture. For brides with short hair, there are hair pieces and ponytail extensions which can be used for creating elaborate and dramatic hairdos.

The traditional Indian bridal attire typically consists of a dupatta a palloo or a chunari that hides most part of the hair; this can lead to a few limitations in the hairstyles. However brides can fully utilize their Sangeet,  Mehendi and the Reception ceremonies to showcase beautiful hairstyles-since there are not many traditional limitations for dressing during these occasions. Additionally, a creative and an experienced hair stylist can even help you make the most of the front portion of your hair that can be made visible under a sheer dupatta. Additionally, you can use bridal head pieces, tiaras, hair accents and maang tikkas that complement the attire and enhance the hair style. In fact; the Solaah sringaar of the bride is incomplete without these hair accents.

A traditional bun or the classic braids were the most popular hair styles for Indian brides until the recent past. Today, creative stylists have given modern twists to these styles. The buns and braids can be fashioned in many creative ways; the more fashion magazines and catalogs you browse; the more options can be presented to you as far as bridal hairstyles are concerned.

Here are some tips for selecting your bridal hairstyle:

  1. The look should highlight your wedding dress; too much of styling can, however, take away the attention from your wedding dress.
  2. The chosen style should be comfortable as you are going to have this on for the entire duration of the ceremony.
  3. You need not limit yourself to elaborate hairstyles like buns and tight braids; long, natural and free flowing styles also look cool and earthy. In fact, these can make the bride look natural and relaxed on the wedding day.

Here are some more pictures of top bridal hairstyles for this wedding season.

Side swept do with a prominent hair piece/maang tikka can set off the bun well. Image courtsey: Anu Malhi

Tall beehive buns or strands arranged in ringlets? Which do you prefer? Image: Anu Malhi make up artist

Neatly arranged hair in a bun or a natural and tousled look? Image Anu Malhi

Traditional buns with simple hair pieces impart a classic and elegant look.  Image Anu Malhi

Tiaras help add an oomph factor to your bridal hairstyle Image: Anu Malhi

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