Abhishek + Monika – Cute Engagement Pics Plus The Love Story Behind Them!

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Monika and Abhishek fell for each other since the time Monika was 16. But both could not summon up the courage to ‘ask’ each other out. Find out what followed in their cute and filmy love story below!

Bride & Groom

Monika Yadav & Abhishek Yadav

Makeup artist

Exquisite Makeovers by Preeti Gandhi



Rajouri garden market (Delhi)


We met

When I was 16, I went to my aunt’s place for summer vacations. It was here that I first saw Abhishek; he was her neighbour  and his mother was my aunt’s best friend. It was love at first sight for me. He used to come to my aunt’s place often and we talked casually a couple of times. However, I could never muster enough courage to speak out my mind.
After coming back home, I thought about him endlessly and even tried to search for him on Facebook but couldn’t. A few months later, my cousin told me that he has shifted someplace else and I lost all hopes of meeting him again.
Fast forward to four years later, I went again to my aunt’s place; this time for my cousin’s engagement. Abhishek also came there to attend the ceremony and boy was I glad to see him! He came over to say hello with his mother and introduced us. We talked quite a bit then, but again i couldn’t summon up enough courage to ask for his number . Unfortunately, we did not meet again but he was on my mind all the time .
Last year my grandmother passed away and when his mother came to know that, she came over to our place with Abhishek’s elder brother. After all; she was my aunt’s best friend and she wanted to pay her respects and offer condolences to the family
After going back home, his mother talked to him about me and said that she would like me as her daughter-in-law . When Abhishek said yes, she came over with a formal marriage proposal.Needless to say that that was the happiest day of my life!!! It was like a dream came true . Later I came to know that even Abhishek had liked me from the first time that we met, but even he wasn’t sure about my feelings for him. And now we are both very happy to be together forever!

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