Akshay + Shreya – Lockdown Wedding in Mumbai!

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Many couples had to cancel or postpone their wedding due to the lockdown. But Shreya and Akshay and their families decided to go ahead with the wedding as planned. The result is this beautiful photoshoot – complete with masks and all.

Bride  and Groom

Shreya Mehta and Akshaykumar Sirsalewala

How the couple met

Akshay Sirsalewala & Shreya Mehta first saw each other at the NM College in Mumbai ten years ago. With both wanting to become future Chartered Accountants, their paths kept crossing – from the same class in college to the same tutorials to the same set of friends! When they decided to tie the knot after dating for eight and a half years, they wanted to have the quintessential Big-fat Indian wedding. They had waited so long – they wanted to end it with a bang; but God had other plans for them. From inviting 800 guests to The Lalit, to marrying in front of 20 close ones at Groom’s place, their wedding has been a roller-coaster ride!

How they planned the wedding during the lockdown

They had seven days to plan a home-wedding, with no outfit, no decorator, no garland, etc. They truly understood the meaning of “Necessity is the Mother of Invention”. The next 7 days were spent in –

  • Making a DIY garland with artificial flowers and pearls (Thankfully the groom’s grandmother had both)
  • DIY decoration – including making a Mandap with 2 Dupattas and a photo booth (Best out of Waste)
  • Making a DIY cardboard Black Jaguar (the only way he could have entered in one)
  • Making a DIY cardboard Doli for the bride to enter in
  • An 11-minute Virtual “Sangeet”  featuring dances from 25+ family members; ft. Modiji and SRK


Akshay’s living room! (Note that the wedding was held only after obtaining special permissions from the municipal corporation and the Police commissioner. All forms of social distancing and sanitization were strictly followed!)


Snapped Studio

 Other vendor details 

Any tips for couples who want to plan weddings during this lockdown?

  • Keep It as minimal as you can.
  • Be innovative with the things you have in your house.
  • Be creative and involve family & friends for their ideas.
  • Sometimes you can find happiness even in the darkest of days.


Says photographer Suniel Sri

This was an extremely unconventional wedding, not only for the couple but also for our team at Snapped Studio. Big fat Indian weddings make a photographer’s job much easier with the perfect lighting, stage, floral decorations, water fountains, and sometimes even epic destinations.

In this case, the wedding was conducted in the groom’s living room, an ‘E-Sangeet’ performed by friends and family, guests attended via video conference and wedding clothes/jewellery made out of whatever was available in the respective wardrobes.

Given the limitations, this wedding turned into the most heartwarming coming together of two people in love. It taught us the importance of love and only love. It showed us how none of the fancy bells and whistles that come with a “Big Fat Indian Wedding” mean much.

We wish the lovely couple a very happy married life ahead!

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