Bridesmaids at Indian Weddings

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Although Indian weddings do not have the tradition of having bridesmaids but a number of Indian brides like the idea of having them at their weddings. There are many ceremonies in Indian weddings, where bride’s sisters and close female friends play important roles and these roles surely create an option for having bridesmaids. They may be dressed up in a colour that coordinates with bride’s dress. Unlike a western wedding, it’s not necessary for all the bridesmaids to be dressed up in similar dresses. They may opt for same colour with different dresses or they may opt for the same dress in different colours. Here are some ideas for their dresses:

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In fact, it’s a great idea to have your sisters and and close friends by your side on the occasion of your marriage. Who can understand your needs better than them? They have been with you at every major milestone in your life. They will make sure to entertain you while you are waiting for the baraat. Your mom might be extremely busy but your friends and sisters will always be there to help you.

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They will be there at the ribbon cutting ceremony during the reception of baraat and charge  an entry fee from the groom. They will also hide the groom’s  shoes and return them only after charging a handsome amount for them. The whole drama of negotiation between the groom and bridesmaids is really interesting to watch.

As a bride, you may not wish to carry your mobile phone but it surely is your lifeline. Your best friend or your sister can easily carry it for you as she’ll be with you throughout your wedding. If you are hungry, one of them can easily get snacks for you in the green room. They are ones who will help to fluff your bridal lehenga every time it’s required.

Here are some more ideas for their dresses:

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It will be a great idea to recognize their efforts by presenting them with special gifts. You may decide to give similar gifts to each one of them or you may select a different one for each depending on individual choice.

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