Caricatures – The Perfect Way To Send A Personalized Wedding Invitation!

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Couples looking for an innovative way to send unique and personalized wedding invitation cards will love the idea of Caricatures. Today, weddingsonline is throwing the spotlight on Graphic designer artist Mekala Murali who started designing bespoke invitations 5 years ago. Mekala is the founder of Pathrika, a Chennai based designing firm which helps couples to be realize their vague ideas for personalized wedding invitation card into reality.

Says Mekala:

” It is fascinating to see how couples-to-be are comfortable not only in having their faces on their wedding ivitation cards but also open to a funny take on that. At Pathrika, we normally try to overlay the caricatures on a background, which shows a glimpse of the couples’ personalities. It could be something they like to do together, or a special moment from their relationship so far or even the places that they belong to. I feel that the whole effort of personalized card should be used to the fullest extent and any value add which is aesthetically appropriate and visually appealing should be on the invite.

The card below was done for a couple (Gitanjali and Punit) who were quite different from each other. So we made the central illustration a quick caricature of the 2 of them and on each of their sides, little doodles explained their opposite character traits.

wedding invitation cards

The invitation below was designed for a couple (Vaishnavi & Venkat) who loved to travel, hence a post card. All the special places they had been to were made into little stamps. Quick doodles explained what was special about these places. The main caricature was a simple yet detailed looking vintage illustration.

wedding invitations with caricatures of bride and groom

This invitation below was done for a couple (Nina & Abhijit) who were both from New York. They were getting married in Bangalore and the reception was being held in New York. I did this breezy and elegant caricature of the couple riding a bicycle.

wedding invitations with caricatures

This invitation was done for a fun couple who wanted a funny and quirky caricature on the card. (Padmashree & Rakesh)Indian wedding invitations with caricatures

This couple wanted a caricature card done for their save-the-date invite. We charted down their relationship like a quick pictographic essay. They wanted caricatures done for the main invite, which also had to be very formal and rich. So caricatures were done for the individual events, which turned out beautifully!

wedding invitation cards with cartoons and caricatures

A very traditional caricature was done for this couple (Rahul & Sripriya) who met and fell in love in Singapore. So the background had landmarks of Singapore while the main illustration was that of the couple dressed in traditional wedding attire.

wedding invites with caricatures

The options are endless if we choose to do a caricature invitation for your friends and family. Apart from instantly making it personal it also adds an element of fun in the card, which is widely appreciated by the young and old alike nowadays. And if you need a little more detail, call me and together we can figure it out!”

Mekala Murali is an Indian designer and illustrator with 10 years of experience working in the design industry. She runs the online boutique, Pathrika, which specializes in bespoke wedding invitations. Hand drawn illustrations and unexpected colour schemes are her forte.

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