Celebrity Inspired Tips For Wearing Traditional Jewelry on Western Clothes!

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Any traditional outfit is incomplete without accessories and that added bling. A nice piece of jewelry enhances and frames your entire look while adding an elegant touch. But let us face some facts: we do not always go to traditional events and there are always occasions where you need to look modern and chic. Jewelry pieces such as traditional earrings, large or elaborate statement necklaces, mangalsutra, nose rings, maang teeka, and bangles are usually known to be worn only on traditional wear. Most modern women think that traditional jewelry doesn’t go well with modern outfits. This article will give you some ideas and inspiration on how you can pair traditional jewelry with western outfits.  So let’s get started.


 Many long earrings made up of diamonds, kundan or plain gold can easily be incorporated into the modern look. Check out these ideas below by our very own Bollywood icon Sonam Kapoor. In this look, Sonam is wearing traditional gold jhumkas on a gown, since she doesn’t wear any other jewelry with it, it goes perfectly with her outfit. Sonam was also seen wearing stunning chandelier earrings at the Cannes Film Festival in 2017.

The reason this look is amazing is that the focus shifts completely on the earrings. Wearing a broad neck outfit and hair tied together also makes a huge difference. The hairstyle again puts the viewer’s attention and focus on the earrings. In the third look, Sonam Kapoor is wearing beautiful Sunita Kapoor earrings. Since these earrings are colored green and red, she has opted to wear it with a black and gold outfit to further emphasize the earrings.

earrings for modern Indian women


Mangalsutra is very important piece of traditional jewelry which many married Hindu women like to wear. But these days you don’t see many women wear it because traditional mangalsutra doesn’t go well with modern outfits. Below are some great examples of mangalsutras being worn on western outfits.

The first one is the Moonshine mangalsutra. It’s so simple and has the perfect amount of bling for western attire. The second one is Millennial mangalsutra that can be worn on western outfits due to its modern and slick form. Even the mangalsutra worn by the uber famous Anushka Sharma looks just like this one.  Next one is Tassel Mangalsutra. This style can be worn on an everyday basis like business casual work outfits and everyday dresses. The Tassel mangalsutra has black beads on the bottom.When choosing your mangalsutra, choose a style that is more versatile, simple and timeless. Such pieces will go well with your western and traditional outfits.

mangalsutra designs for modern women


When we think of necklaces, the first celebrity that comes to mind is Kareena Kapoor. Most of us have seen her flaunt her traditional necklaces many times on western attires. Below are some examples with which you can get inspired as well. The first look she is wearing temple jewelry necklace on a simple black outfit. It gives a royal and sophisticated look. The next look is the big Kundan necklace. This is very popular especially if you want to wear it on an of shoulder gown where the necklace can be the main focus. The final look on is stunning boho style necklace that’s colorful and an iconic piece.  Kareena wore it on a white top so that colors pop out more. This is a perfect way one can express their personal style with the help of traditional jewelry.

how to wear necklace on modern clothes without looking traditional

Nose pieces

In the recent times, actresses have been experimenting with this idea of only wearing a nose jewel to accessorize an outfit.  We think it’s a pretty cool and fabulous way if you’re comfortable wearing nose jewels. In the first example Sonam Kapoor is wearing a kundan nath that looks flattering and extremely modern. It’s a great balance when it comes to preserving the culture and giving that edgy look. The second look by Ileana Decruz shows her wearing a hoop nose ring. Ileana is pulling off the the entire glam look with the nath that gives a look of a laid back bride. The pic with Alia Bhatt shows her graciously wearing a round hoop nath on a western attire.

nose rings on western outfit

Maang Teeka

Maang teeka (or tikka) definitely comes in the traditional jewelry category. But some of our Bollywood icons like Alia Bhatt and Kareena Kapoor have tried using this accessory on a western attires. We think the ideas below are worth exploring for your next event. The first one is this gorgeous pearl and kundan head tikka that is styled with loose hair that curled. It looks refreshing and chic. In her second look Alia Bhatt is wearing a dainty head tikka with diamonds for her best friend’s wedding. This is such a cute and elegant way to wear that head tikka without looking like a bride. The third look is by Kareena Kapoor. Although this is a bit dramatic, it does look quite contemporary since all she is wearing is just the head tikka and rest of the look including her outfit is simple.

maang teeka for everyday wear

We hope this article gives you ideas on how you can wear traditional jewellery on western outfits. The looks are to inspire you but you should know that possibilities are endless. A rule of thumb and a common thread in all above examples is: pick any one focal point in jewelry you want to show. If you wear a lot of accessories, there will be many things to look at. This will end up diluting the entire look. If you’re focusing on earrings make sure your hair and neckline match. If you want wear a statement necklace, make sure your outfit is not too loud. Sometimes traditional jewelry, if worn correctly, can look great on western wear.

Author Bio: Jinal Sampat is jewelry designer at Sampat Jewellers. Her focus is on innovation and creation of jewelry pieces that are meaningful and hold long-term value. She creates versatile designs with Indo-Western elements. Jinal holds her graduate degree from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). You can find her on Instagram.

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