A Chat With Sephi Bergerson About Silk Inspire 2017!

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weddingsonline is proud to partner with Silk Photos who are thrilled to launch the year’s most awaited wedding photography event of the year. Silk Inspire 2017 will be held from October 6th to 10th in Goa and will see amazing photographers, engaging speakers and great teachers. To view the complete panelist list, click here. In its second year, Silk Inspire promises to be an unforgettable session of wedding photography learning, interaction and fun. We spoke to Sephi Bergerson, the CEO of Silk Photos about what to expect at this year’s event.

Tell us a bit about Silk Photos and Silk Inspire 2017

Silk Inspire 2017

Image: Andrea Corsi

jeffnewsome panelist for Silk Inspire 2017

Image: Image: Jeff Newsom

Silk Photos is a first of its kind representative agency for wedding photographers in and outside India. We aim to connect photographers with potential clients so these professionals can concentrate on the creative side of their business. There are photographers from all over the world listed with us including ones from India, France, UK, Dubai, Thailand, USA and Europe and so on. Raw Silk is part of Silk Photos and a commercial entity that helps identify young and talented photographers showing a great deal of promise. Being a boutique agency, we only take a small number of members in our mentorship program. In fact; membership is through invitation only and requires referral from existing SILK members. We also publish a weekly SILK blog  where we have a number of talented photography experts contributing their articles and stories for it.

Our annual event, the Silk Awards , is hosted to encourage and motivate photographers in the field of documentary wedding photography. Photographers send us 8-10 photos of a single wedding they have shot and an international panel of top photographers judges them.

Jen Huang panelist for Silk Inspire 2017

Image: Jen Huang

In short: SILK Photos is a commercial entity with a social agenda. Our goal is to educate, inspire and encourage budding talent. There is a huge wave of change coming in this field and many photographers are benefitting from workshops and one-on-one interactions with the best in the business. And that is the exact inspiration behind Silk Inspire.

People who attended Silk Inspire 2016 called it ‘a therapy of sorts’? Could you give us a sneak peek into that and the reason behind its success?

Arjun Kartha panelist for Silk Inspire 2017

Image: Arjun Kartha

As mentioned earlier, at Silk Photos our aim is to inspire, educate and motivate photographers. There is a huge difference in meeting top photographers in person rather than just seeing their work online or in exhibitions. With that in mind, we hosted the first Silk Inspire last year where we had a panel of international photographers conducting workshops based on their areas of expertise. 2016 Silk Inspire was all about the Inner Journey of the Photographer. Each and every photographer has and should have a unique style. There are multiple paths to the top of the mountain and the same is true with photography results. So Silk Inspire 2016’s central theme was “your way is the best way”. Each and every photographer should find his/her unique style and infuse those elements along with their personality in their work.

Sergey Ivanov pnelist for Silk Inspire 2017

Image: Sergey Ivanov

Brian callaway panelist for Silk Inspire 2017

Image: Brian Callaway

What is the inspiration behind Silk Inspire 2017? What can photographers expect?

Zack Arias panelist for Silk Inspire 2017

Image: Zack Arias

Juya Gentil panelist for Silk Inspire 2017

Image: Juya Gentil

We are expecting more than 500 wedding photography professionals at this year’s event in October. Like last year, this year too we have a panel of international panelists, each one having a diverse style of shooting. There is an expert from Ukraine who will talk about how to create illusions and fantasy stories through photos. We have an expert from Columbia who will talk about documentary style shoots, one from Atlanta who uses only one light source and an inspiring photographer from Italy who met with an accident which inspired him to take up spirituality and that, in turn, encouraged him to become a photographer. So these are going to be the best 5 days of learning and fun- 3 days of seminars and 2 days of workshops along with tons of partying.

Photographers: Register for the Silk Inspire 2017 by visiting this link.

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