Classic Black And White Indian Wedding Photography

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We all know that Photography, when it first originated in the early 1800s, was monochromatic and developed in this manner mainly due to technical limitations. Today more and more photographers are choosing to either shoot in black and white or post-process their captures in this format to create striking images. When it comes to pre and post Wedding shoots too; things are no different. A lot of photographers and couples alike are experimenting in monochrome.

Monochromatic wedding photographs can evoke several emotions; they seem raw, natural and bold. Ask one person what black and white photography means to him/her, you will get one answer; ask another, and you will, in all probability, get a totally different one! Thus, black and white photography takes on whole different meanings depending on not just the photographer and his subjects but also who you ask!


We normally do not feature black and white wedding photographs-(Indian weddings simply cannot be given due justice without capturing all those bright hues and vibrant shades) but here we are doing that precisely. These talented photographers have used monochromatic pictures and have managed to not just capture the textures, shades and patterns but also those tiny details that make up an Indian wedding!


Through the following images we hope to inspire our brides and grooms to experiment when it comes to creating their Indian wedding photo albums. We also hope to inspire up and coming photographers to experiment with black and white instead of working with colors all the time. Do let us know your thoughts and comments on these!

Photos: DKreate Photography

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