Colourful Wedding Nails

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The traditional look for a bride was the French manicure – a style that’s classic and always looks elegant and refined. But more and more brides are now opting to mix it up a little by adding some colour to their overall look – and a striking nail polish is the perfect way to go!

The best colours to go for – if you don’t want your photos to age too much – are reds (bright or dark) or dark browns. Bright reds are fun and flirty and will really stand out to give you a cute and kitsch look, while dark reds and browns will look elegant and stylish without overshadowing the rest of your look.

Image by Brooke Courtney


If you are an ‘all or nothing’ type of bride, then consider going for a colour that’s a little more daring like neon pinks, bright yellows or even greens. You could also match your nails to you bridesmaids’ dresses or to your overall colour scheme.


Image by Adam Trujillo

Get your nails professionally done so as to ensure they are looking their best on the day and make sure to take really good care of your hands and nails in the run up to the wedding. Hand and nail creams, cuticle creams, a clear varnish and plenty of calcium should guarantee your nails are at their best when you go to the salon.

You can bring your own colour polish to the salon if you like, most manicurists won’t mind, however, make sure you invest in a great one because, unlike a French manicure, a chipped nail will be very noticeable while wearing blood red!

To get the wedding nails that are right for you see: Breda O’Neill – More Than Make-up; Blush – Nicola Walsh; Amelda Faherty Make Up Artist or the Pillo Hotel & Spa.

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