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Luxury bags designed by Meera Mahadevia started as customized accessories for celebrities and even today her creations are not easily available. She started designing handbags more than two decades ago and a few years back she also started designing accessories like jewellery, shoes and belts.

Her royal collection is available only at high end fashion boutiques in cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Jodhpur and Hyderabad. Her designs have also been showcased at  Newark Museum Gallery in USA and the Asian Civilization Museum in Singapore. Her label is also available at designer stores in the United States of America, Japan, the United Kingdom and South Africa.


Meera has designed more than 27000 unique bags and no two bags are identical. Her hand made bags are known for their fine precision and these bags can complement any attire, whether it is Indian or western. Her elegant bags are the latest craze with the Indian as well as the western brides.

Any woman who has an eye for detail and is interested in Indian heritage, can find her favourite handbag from Meera’s collection because each and every piece exudes warmth. Her source of inspiration has been the rich and varied heritage of India and she has been successful in reviving our country’s culture through her designs. Her designs are a unique blend of silver, copper and brass embellishments, semi precious stones, marble inlays, wood carvings and spiritual emblems.

Some of her designs have been exclusively designed for an Indian bride. Here are some handbags from Meera Mahadevia’s collection which have red and green semi precious stones set against gold. These pieces will team up perfectly with your lavishly embellished bridal lehenga or saree.

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