4 Ways To Get Beautiful Bright Eyes On Your Big Day!

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It’s said that sparkling, bright eyes are the windows to the soul and the eyes of a blushing bride as they glow with happiness is a beautiful sight to see. Medically speaking, eyes that sparkle and appear clear are also a sign of happiness and good health. However, the weeks leading up to the wedding often take a toll on the bride’s health and there’s a good chance that when you look at your reflection in the mirror, you will see a pair of tired eyes looking back at you. But worry not!  At weddingsOnline, we’ve got the answers to all your wedding related issues! Today we have 4 tips that are easy to put into practice, which fight different eye related concerns and which are guaranteed to work to make your peepers look healthy and bright:

Puffy Eyes

When you spend hours sitting in front of the computer screen or basically doing any eye straining work, puffy eyes are the result. One of the best solutions to reduce such ugly eye puffiness lies in your fridge. Simply cut a few slices of cucumber and place them on your eyes for instant relief. Similarly, used green tea bags can work just as well to improve blood circulation around the eye.

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Dark Circles

Long nights spent gossiping with girlie pals and catching up with cousins could result in sleepless nights. But all you need to get sparkling eyes again is some cotton soaked in rose water. This not only gives the thin skin around the eyes an instant boost but also diminishes dark circles slowly with regular use. Plus, it helps to remove sun tan and sun burn naturally besides keeping the skin around the eyes smooth and soft.

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Fine Lines

The skin around the eyes and on the neck doesn’t have much elasticity and is usually the first place for crow’s feet, wrinkles and fine lines to show up. A good tip to follow is to apply a few drops of coconut oil on two fingers and gently massage the eye, the skin below the eyes and the centre of the eyebrows. By doing this eye massage every day for a few minutes, you not only rejuvenate your tired eyes but also improve skin tone and elasticity around the eyes as well.

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Dry Eyes

Just like skin feels dry and gets that stretchy feeling, eyes can often become dry too. Sitting for too long in an air conditioned room can make eyes feel dry and itchy. One good way to combat dry eyes and have sparkling eyes instead is by washing your face in warm water at least once every hour. Regularly washing the eyes keeps them naturally moisturised and acts as an instant refresher. Including oily fish in one’s diet has also been proven to help fight this problem.

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