Get A Brighter & Whiter Smile For Your Wedding With These Easy Tips!

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We all desire whiter and brighter teeth. As a bride or groom to be, it is even more important that your teeth are pearly white and shiny. Stained or yellow ones will certainly not look good in those wedding photographs!  Brides planning on wearing certain shades of lipsticks must also ensure having whiter teeth as many lipstick shades actually enhance their yellowness . So today, we are presenting a few home remedies that can help you get shinier and  whiter smiles in time for your D-day. Additionally, we will be recommending a few lipstick shades (as well as the ones to stay away from) to camouflage yellow teeth.

But first, let us start with a few dos and don’ts for whiter smiles:

Dos and Don’ts for Brighter Whiter Teeth

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Reduce your tea, coffee, wine, nicotine intake

All these products stain teeth. If you must, ensure drinking plenty of water afterwards or at least make it a point to rinse the mouth each time.

Use Baking soda

This is an age old remedy for getting whiter teeth at home. Make a paste of baking soda, salt and a little water. Apply this all over your teeth. Leave on for a few minutes, then rinse. Repeat this remedy two to three times daily.

Oil Pulling

A lot has been said about oil pulling and its efficacy in toxin removal. Oil pulling simply consists of swishing a mouthful of oil for a few minutes and spitting it out. You can use any oil like sesame, olive or coconut oil. The oil cleans the teeth and makes them shinier. People who have been practicing oil pulling daily for years also claim better oral health, improved digestion apart from several other health benefits.

Eat strawberries

Many experts recommend eating strawberries for shinier and whiter teeth. Strawberries have natural compounds that are believed to remove stains on the teeth. They are also packed with antioxidants, which have a plethora of health benefits.

Use Whitening Toothpastes

There are many good quality toothpastes available in the market which promise to give you whiter, brighter smiles. Most contain whitening accelerators and ingredients recommended by dentists for safe dental whitening. However, a few of these can make your teeth a bit sensitive, so do exercise caution when using them. We recommend Colgate’s Visible white which is priced at INR 85 for 70 gm. It needs to be used thrice daily for visible results within a week.

 Try Hydrogen Peroxide wash

Mouthwashes containing 3% hydrogen peroxide can also be used for at-home dental whitening. Take a capful of hydrogen peroxide and swish it around the mouth for 45 to 60 seconds. You might balk at the taste, but you will also certainly get noticeably whiter teeth within a few days of following this home remedy. Make sure not to swallow this product.

Rub Citrus fruit peels on teeth

Fruits like lemons, oranges and sweet limes can also be useful in whitening teeth. Rub the peel of these fruits on your teeth for a couple of minutes each day. The acids in these fruits help scrub the enamel off stains. (Do note that lemon juice can permanently harm the enamel when used daily). An alternative is to take lemon juice and mix it with equal parts of water to rub on teeth. Do not use this method if you have mouth ulcers or blisters.

Top Lipstick Shades to Camouflage Yellow Teeth

Lipstick shades can also be worn cleverly to mask yellow teeth. Some colors enhance the yellowness, while others help hide them. Here are expert recommended tips:




  • Wear lipsticks having blue undertones (like plums, violets or wine reds) as these can help counter yellowness and make the teeth appear whiter. (We recommend Maybelline Color Sensational Lip Color in Plum Paradise priced INR 340 (right in image above)).
  • Opt for Nude or natural shades as these are also ideal for masking the yellowness of teeth. We recommend Rimmel London moisture renew (priced INR 650- left in image).
  • Stay away from oranges, corals, browns, frosted pinks or matte shades of reds as these bring out the yellowness in the teeth.

We hope these tips help you have a whiter smile on all your special occasions!

Featured image: Kajol R Paswann

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