Got Thin Eyebrows? Try These 10 Tips For Naturally Thicker Ones!

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Who doesn’t want perfectly shaped, naturally thick beautiful eyebrows? The joy of having well defined eyebrows and the struggle to get them when yours are naturally on the thinner side, can be really difficult. But not when you have some of the best eyebrow hacks up your sleeve. Presenting 10 natural remedies to help you grow thick beautiful eyebrows….

How to Grow Beautiful and Thicker Eyebrows

1. Castor Oil

This is one tried and tested method of growing thicker eyebrows naturally. Take a few drops of castor oil on your fingertips and massage your eyebrows for a few minutes. After 30 minutes, wipe your eyebrows with a makeup remover. If the face feels oily, wash with warm water.

2. Coconut Oil

Another natural wonder known for its benefits for hair can help you have a pair of nice thick brows too. Just dab a cotton swab in pure coconut oil and apply it on your brows before going to bed. Next morning, give your face a mild wash.

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3. Olive Oil

This Vitamin A and E-rich oil boost natural growth of hair. While Vitamin A triggers sebum production, Vitamin E nourishes the hair from inside. Use a few drops of olive oil to massage your brows, wait a few hours and wash your face with cold water.

4. Egg Yolk

Just as you use egg mask for hair, use egg yolk for growing thicker eyebrows naturally. Egg yolk is full of Keratin, one of the best hair growth supplements. Beat the yolk till it’s smooth. Apply it using a brush or a Q-tip. Wait for 20 minutes before washing it off with warm water. If you have an acne-prone skin, use this method once in two weeks.

5. Onion Juice

If you can tolerate the smell for an hour, this can be a real handy solution. Onion juice can be a wonder for natural hair growth. For a faster growth, make juice out of onion paste and apply it on your eyebrows using a Q-tip. Wait for an hour. Mix lemon juice to an equal amount of water, dab a cotton ball in it and wipe off the onion juice. The sulfur, minerals, selenium and vital vitamins will give you denser eyebrows in a few weeks.

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6. Petroleum Jelly

We all carry Vaseline in our purse. It’s time to use the petroleum jelly for a nicer pair of eyebrows. Apply a little bit of it on the brows before going to it. It retains the moisturiser. In the morning, wash it off with water.

7. Fenugreek Seeds

Methi or fenugreek seeds are known for its benefits for health and skin. Soak a half tablespoon of fenugreek seeds in water. Leave it overnight and next morning, make a fine paste of it. Apply the paste on your eyebrows, leave for 40 minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

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8. Lemon Juice

A powerhouse of vitamins and other nutrients, lemon juice has the power to transform your thin eyebrows to a nicely shaped, thick pair. Simply take a piece of lemon and rub it onto your brows. Let it sit for 20 minutes before washing it off with lukewarm water. Use it every night before going to bed and you will start seeing the change.

9. Aloe Vera Gel

Apply fresh aloe vera gel on your eyebrows as it doesn’t only promote natural growth of hair, but also rejuvenates hair with aloenin, a chemical compound present in aloe vera gel. Let the eyebrows absorb it. No need to clean your face with water.

10. Milk

Soak a cotton ball in cold milk and apply it on your eyebrows. Wash it off after 15 minutes.

Some More Useful Tips for Healthy and Thick Eyebrows

  • Sleep well as it helps body function effectively, stimulates the glands. What we often fail to realize is that stress can lead to hair loss, thinner eyebrows and more health complications.
  • Too much waxing, threading or plucking can result in thinner eyebrows over the years. So, to grow naturally thicker eyebrows, avoid these.
  • While putting makeup on your face, try to avoid the eyebrows. While a little makeup is needed to thicken them up, too much will hinder the natural growth.
  • It’s important to remove the dead skin cells from around eyebrows. Hence, exfoliate on a regular basis.
  • Increase your daily water intake as it helps to flush out the harmful toxic elements from the body.

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