Grooms Be Aware of These Sins Which Are Killing Your Skin

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The wedding season is just round the corner and our brides-to-be are reading everything there is regarding skincare and beauty tips. But what about our handsome to-be-grooms who are waiting eagerly for their D-day as well? Shouldn’t they take care of their skin issues and get all the right info at the right time? Most certain they should! Men need to take care of their skin too, especially when they are going to wear their groom’s Sherwani soon. So, all you grooms-to-be out there, roll up your sleeve. It is time for some serious action and especially the time to avoid some of the worst mistakes which are not good for your skin….find out below!

10 Skin Sins Men Need To Be Aware Of

Let’s talk about the skin mistakes most men are guilty of doing at some point in life.

1. Religiously ignoring sunscreen lotion

Believe it or not, your skin needs sunscreen as much as any human skin needs it.  The more you avoid it, the more you expose your skin to the harmful rays of the sun which increases risk of skin cancer and premature ageing. So, the next time you step out, make sure that your skin is well-protected with a decent layer of sunscreen.

2. A preference towards overpriced products

Price doesn’t always indicate the quality, especially, when it’s about skincare products. Therefore, spending more money on unnecessarily overpriced products doesn’t ensure a better skin. Instead of choosing products just for the sake of a brand, look for quality products, preferably, herbal or products made with natural ingredients.

3. Not understanding your skin type

Most of the skincare sins arise from the lack of knowledge about your skin type. Studies show that men remain mostly unaware of different skin types. Eventually, they end up choosing the wrong products for their skin.

4. Having a beard means saying bye to skincare

Then there is this misconception that when you have a beard, the skin underneath doesn’t need any extra care as you are already applying beard-care lotion. This way, you are letting the dead skin cells settle right under your long beard. Use a good beard oil that will penetrate your skin and keep it nourished.

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5. Using soap on face

Of all skin sins, this one ranks higher in terms of being followed by men. The soap that you have been using as your facewash for years, is actually doing more harm than good. The harsh chemicals used in soaps are anything but useful for your skin. So, all the grooms-to-be who are guilty of this, get a facewash and start using it ASAP.

6. Using foam shaving cream

Contrary to the popular belief, foam shaving cream can only dehydrate your skin. Your skin loses the power of hydrating itself naturally. So, throw away the foam shaving cream that you have been using since ages and get an oil based shaving cream for a naturally healthy skin.

7. Avoiding oil/moisturiser for oily skin

One of the most common skin sins is not using a moisturizer because you have a oily skin. Well, that way, the skin becomes even oilier. Reason? The moisturizers help balance your skin’s moisture. When you are not using one, the skin releases more oil to keep it subtle.

8. Not treating your acne

If your skin is prone to acne breakouts then do not try to self-treat that condition. Immediately take help of a dermatologist. Self-treatment can cause permanent damage to the skin.

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9. Over-exfoliating your face and skin

Do you scrub or exfoliate your skin more than twice in a week? If yes then you are guilty of another skin sin. Over-exfoliation results in more oil production for the same reason we discussed above.

10. Never going to a spa

All the grooms reading this, consider not going to a spa is one of the major skin sins. Because spa messages and treatments are meant to treat the dead skin cells, rejuvenate your skin and more. So, before your wedding, do plan a visit to a spa and give everyone a real surprise.

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