Handloom Sarees: Celebrating National Handloom Day

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Today we will take a look back at the gorgeous journey of handlooms and handloom sarees in India and how, after so many years of disappearance from limelight, they have now reclaimed their glorious status. Recently the nation celebrated National Handloom Day so we thought we would present some gorgeous handloom saris that are fit for a wedding and also the history behind its revival.

For decades, the nation’s  weaving art and the artisans looked on in despair as new fashion trends took over the old world charm of the handlooms. The fast churning trend wheel of today is always less merciful about the past and its glorious days. It demands business and business of people’s preference. It was only when the Prime Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi decided to bring it back to the front stage by celebrating National Handloom Day last year in August, that the lost-in-the-oblivion folk art made a winning comeback to the fashion world.

Right after Hon. PM. Shri. Modi returned the lost weaving artform back its due prestige and status, the then head of the Ministry of Textiles, Mrs. Smriti Irani launched a social campaign that soon gained momentum support from the leading stars of Bollywood to celebrity fashionistas who couldn’t stop talking about the beauty of handlooms. The famous designers and fashion stalwarts also stood up for this cause to uphold the country’s own handloom art by posting pictures wearing  handloom sarees and dresses with the hashtag #IWearHandloom.

#Iwearhandloom #Iwearhandloom

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Even now, one can instantly shot oneself up to the stars by posting a picture in a handloom dress. From ace fashion designer, Manish Malhotra to the award winning actress, Vidya Balan, from the super cool DJ, Sophie to the charming Dia Mirza, everyone joined the #IWearHandloom bandwagon to save the age-old form of weaving from painful extinction.

handloom sari

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Smriti Irani gave the handloom campaign a new life by taking it to social media and requesting her ardent fans and followers to support this cause. In an instant, the news spread like fire as the country’s young population took up the challenge and stood by it. The campaign truly managed to bring back the lost glory of handlooms as the campaign touched the right chord with the young generation.

While this attempt to revive the handloom industry has definitely given consumers new fashion choices, it has come as a boon to the textile industry as well. Rather, by opening the gate for trade and business, this little step has helped the textile industry in so many ways. Not only the weavers who used to live on the edge now will get their due recognition as well as employment opportunities, but, it will also inspire younger generation to learn and take up weaving as a profession.

Now, as more and more designers are experimenting with this user-friendly, environment-friendly fabric, handloom sarees are getting its much-needed makeover so that it can appeal to the young consumers as well. It can be said that new motifs, contemporary patterns are more likely to rule the handloom world now. We leave you with a couple of gorgeous images of wedding worthy Handloom Saris.

handloom saris for weddings in India handloom saris for wedding

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