How to Choose the Right Wedding Photographer

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Wedding happens once in lifetime, but usually wedding shopping list for women repeats with every friend’s, cousin’s or neighbor’s wedding! It mainly applies to buying dresses, shoes, perfumes, flowers, fashion accessories and many more tiny-tidy girlie stuff. But when it comes to shopping the wedding photography service, boy, it becomes a topic of huge debate and discussion.


How do you plan to choose your wedding photographer? After all, you cant even see what

you are buying! You make a decision, pay some advance money and then you see the product. And what if you are not happy with it?


Here are some handy tips on how to choose the right wedding photography, for you’ll get the wedding photo album made only once, and chances aren’t bright that you get your wedding portraits also clicked or printed again!


Research | Research | and Research|

Consult old friends and cousins who are already married about their wedding photographer and their experience. Once you collect some names, google them, look for them on Facebook and simply jump in to their photo gallery.  You’ll surely find a reason to pick or dump them.

Ask, Don’t Hesitate

You have a question, ask straight! Once you shortlist a few wedding photographers, ask them about various levels of coverage, photography style, photo selection, reprints, pricing and everything that comes to your mind. Don’t beat behind the bush.

Your wedding photographs will make you relive your prime days every time you open the photo album; only if you choose the right photographer.

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