Ideas and Tips For Indian Bridal Hairstyles

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Your hairstyle on the day of your wedding is as important as your bridal attire; the right hairdo will enhance your beauty and your overall look. Indian hairstyles for the bride typically include buns, plaits, French rolls and twists. Additionally, these styles also make use of various hair adornments. Here we shall discuss some Indian bridal hairstyles and hair adornments and also present some tips for the Indian brides- to-be.

Most Indian brides opt to tie up their ‘chunari’ (or the tail of their wedding dress) over their hair; as a result the hairstyle is often not visible at all. In such a case, brides can opt for a large bun or four layered bun both of which are quite easy to carry. Of key importance is your comfort: you should not have to worry about hair slipping out of pins; so keep things as simple and comfortable as possible.

Brides with thick long hair can opt for a single braid or French plait. Your stylist can help affix jewels and decorations on them to create a regal look. The jewels can even match the embellishments on the bridal dress or sari.

Bindis and Maang tikkas often govern the kind of hairstyle one wishes to have on the wedding day; so if you have already shopped for your jewelry; you need to work a hairstyle around those items so you can elegantly display these adornments.

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If you are working with a hair stylist/planner, you also need to discuss the colors of the bridal attire, maang tikkas, and makeup; all these can be made to conform to the typical wedding colors which include maroons, pinks, reds etc. The hairstyles can then be worked around these themes; so there is a seamless integration of all these aspects.

Indian hairstyles are incomplete without flowers. Flower ornamentation is an essential part of the hairstyle and depending on the region, the flowers used vary. Jasmine flowers are commonly found in most regions. These are woven together in form of necklaces which are then pinned onto the bride’s hair. This is sure to keep you smelling great all day long! You can even leave some strings of jasmine hanging loosely over your shoulders. To cut through the monotony of white flowers, you can opt for red flowers in the center, typically a rose, which can enhance the hair style greatly. Modern Indian brides are even seen choosing exotic flowers including orchids along with other artificial hair adornments.

Brides with short hair may need hair supplements of different kinds. Stylists can help pin up the supplements into buns and braids for a natural look.

You simply cannot go wrong with the vintage or retro hairstyles too; you can recreate the charm of Bollywood heroines of the yester years including Sharmila Tagore and Hema Malini hairstyles which include dramatic sweeps and waves, classic side-swept buns as well as curls and ringlets. These retro hairstyles suit a variety of bridal attires, face-shapes and can also be created on medium, short or long hair.

Some tips:

Ensure that your hair is well oiled the night before the occasion, so it is smooth and conditioned. Wash it clean on the day of the wedding using a good shampoo and conditioner. You stylist will also advise you regarding the different hair products you can use in order to prepare the hair for styling.

As can be seen, there are many different styles to choose from. Do go through the catalogs available in hair salons as well as those online. This can help you choose the perfect style for this important occasion. You can even try out a couple of styles a few days prior to the wedding so that you can make an informed choice in the matter.

Happy experimenting!

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